As we embark on the finals journey, Our very own member Tyson Beck has created an signature wallpaper for all the KB24 fans and members.

“Kobes drive and complete determination towards his goal in winning a championship gives me all the inspiration a person can possibly have. Kobe gives so much to me and this is me doing a small part to try and give back to Kobe and his fans.” – Tyson Beck.

Check them out below.

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  • pinoymamba08

    i already have this one on my facebook hahahah

  • deadendrage

    Awesome Job

  • jiantingkb24

    I love them so much,could you give me more?

  • jiantingkb24

    Kobe won the first game,with the 102 to the end,kobe shot in a long distance three-point.

  • Asa24

    good new background and i like your logo

  • lakergyrl

    Aww, that’s so sweet. Thank you so much. It’s BEAUTIFUL, and we appreciate you, and Kobe:)

  • lakergyrl

    I came, I saw, I conquered! Yes, you will Kobe:)

  • dough180

    Mvps don’t make u a great player championships make a a great player
    “let’s go & get it KB24″

  • fnmamba24

    Tyson is such a cool guy and i’m glad he got a chance to meet Kobe and get his jacket signed. He lives in Australia and still watches all the games and is diehard LA as they come. Thank Tyson!

  • The Kobe Fan #1

    1,2,3,4,5 ….. Kobe Blessings to you, your family and the team also … You are the best … Go Laker … Champions

  • kobe24betterthanjordan

    KOBE is the greatest ever(PERIOD).

  • kb24greatness

    Tyson you have done it again!!

  • plotlaker5

    already set as background =)

  • Precious22mama

    I think this was an awesome idea and it looks amazing!

  • alvin23

    ohhhhh yesssss DRIVE FOR FIVE!!!!!!

  • chainyza

    Nice !!!

  • trojangirl09

    Dear Kobe Bean Bryant,
    I hope you read this!! Can you please give me a free pair of Lakers tickets cuz I’ve given up alot of my family time and studying time and have gotten bad grades to watch u play(not tryin to blame u its my fault). I know how frustrating it is when you lose cuz everyone depends on you.Please my soulmate cold blooded bRO itll mean da world to me. Lakers pride win or lose!!!!


    Hazel Christine Estrada Bryant

  • yanniek

    Kobe i wish you very much luck
    and i hope you (and your team) will win the finals!
    (nice Wallpaper) :)

    Greatzz Yanniek from Holland

  • Ladymamba24

    That’s right !!! WARNING: Do not look directly at Kobe’s hand cuz the bling of the 5 rings he is going to have might blind you!!! LOL

  • msz.bryant

    that’s hot!
    good job :)

  • lizzyloveskobe

    My new background<33

  • sandy


  • martinamalka

    Nice job!

  • KOBE Lver4ever

    I have that on my profile, my screensaver & my fb page! Tyson, your so talented!!!

  • kingkoo

    One more cookie 2010!!!
    Keep flying, Kobe!!!
    You are the best!!!

  • carolina

    Hi! Mr Bryant good luck to all your NBA games. I wish you luck in everything you do in life. You have two beautiful kids. You are bless!!!!Not in to you yet! But i give you hug and little kisses just because your a good Father to your kids hehehe… God bless us all…Go lakers ..Go lakers..ha ha ha..

  • bisdakmamba24

    Classic! Good luck Kobe on that 5th ring, Magic must be thrilled. =)

  • Emily

    dear kobe bryant
    everything i want to tell tou is you are the best.
    and we’ll always love you no matter what happend

  • superkobefan

    I just love this picture. Goodluck Kobe! :>

  • all4kb24

    Hey Kobe don’t worried about game 5 bring it Home and show boston how great of a player you are even if that means you gotta carry your team in your back you have done this some many times i admired what u do how u carry this team in your shoulders day in day out i’m a fanatic of you i like your passion for the game N i know ur wanna get that 5th champion n u will get it!!! No te preocupes siempre eres el mejor jugador!! :) not for all u are the BLACK MAMBA the greatest of players!! I will always be ur admired for life u got sum talent boy!! LAKERS FAN FOR EVER!! LET’S GET THIS 5TH CHAMPION!! TAKE CARE U N UR FAMILY!!

  • julie

    so cool

  • James Horchler

    The hardest working athlete in sports. Truly the king of the hill in the NBA. An inspiration to all. His drive and determination are an example of how to approach all aspects of life. Thanks Kobe for all the joy and inspiration you have brought to my life.