Nike just released a new commercial for the finals called “All Together Now”.  The commercial showcases all of basketballs greats both past and present. This was made to celebrate Kobe Bryant’s quest for a fifth championship ring, set to The Beatles and is voiced by OutKast’s Andre 3000.

  • fnmamba24

    1,2,3,4…5!…yes! we’re almost there

  • Abraham

    Man i seen this on the halftime tonight and its awesome, Kobe is the greatest!!!!! #1 and will be getting his 5th ring in a couple weeks.

  • kobe666

    Man u r da best nd u will always b man
    No one can replace u man
    My life time wish is to meet u
    Nd i wish it comes true one day

  • R3NST3R

    da best der ever will be

  • Asa24

    who a commerical come on kobe get your money lol good i want to see tht llooll

  • pamkb24

    this championship is not kobe in revenge
    this is kobe’s way in fulfilling his destiny!

  • lakergyrl

    OMG, I haven’t seen it yet, but I know it’s AWESOME! GO KOBE BABY GO!

  • luiseduardo

    PLAYOFF IS THE PROBLEM….. kobe is THE SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Kobe Fan #1

    1,2,3,4,5 ….. Kobe Blessings to you, your family and the team also … You are the best … Go Laker … Champions

  • kingkb24

    4 so far man… give it 3 more games and you got 5, your runnin the show

  • freshprince

    love the commercial and the of course the finals homes…they are dope!!!! hope the road have a little purple as an outeline on graffiti print! real dope..commercial is sick..thanks nike..bout time you showed kobe some only question is …magic is under nike…since when?? hmm…love little penny!!! real kobe puppet but little!

  • kb24greatness

    Simply Amazing!!

  • mattsanta

    Lots of those early Kobe clips bring back memories!

  • ayagirl84

    hi kobe…im not an NBA fan before but when i saw you played last year,i just can’t beleive it..i mean, you are just amazing..and on top of your game….we can really feel your passion for the game..Good luck!!and congratz fro winning Game1..3 more to go…

  • Allan Toscano

    Just horrible, i cant believe NIKE released this.

    I could do a lot better, seriously.

  • bryantfan1

    KOBE is my MVP anytime,any day. cant wait to see his fifth ring on his finger.

  • yanniek

    Hi Kobe
    maybe you think o thats just a fan (if you even read this)
    but my biggest wish is to meet you, But I Live in Holland (europa)
    and i am just 15 so i dont think it wil ever happen. :(
    I just wanna tell you that i am a big fan.. i really hope to see or speak you in real
    I hope you will really read this.. :$
    Bye,.. Yanniek

    (sorry if my english is not so good.:$)

  • siruglyducky

    Congratulations Kobe!!! You were reaaly amazing in the 1st game, no doubts that you are the real MVP. Good luck for tonight!!! Lakers champions again!!!

  • theblackmamba

    All the Way Kobe

    “Strength and Honor”
    – Kobe Bryant

  • vanessa14344

    KB24 you’re still the number 1 NBA player here in the Philippines. Keep the faith and strenght alive and kicking in game 3. Win or lose Lakers will always be the best….Godbless

  • jbgana

    Kobe Lakers can win it!

  • ericlalfan

    The best of the best!!! Kobe You’re the MAN!!!

  • carolina

    Go lakers!!! Go lakers!!!

  • martinamalka

    I love that picture of you with your trophies and fingers pointing out your title wins! I loved the commercial too. I agree with Lobe, you have made Nike so much revenue! But, I will take it up one notch, you deserve a full commercial of your own!

  • tori15

    1,2,3,4 can we have just a little kobe ur the best idc what anyone says!!!..and u r goin 2 win ring #5 after your 2 big wins in game 5&6…GO LAKERS…PURPLE&GOLD BABY!!!…GO KOBE AND THE LAKERS!!!BEAT BOSTON!!!

  • briana3

    Kobe Your the Best Basketball Player.. I Hope To Meet You One Day And Play You One On One.. Good Luck In Game Seven.. Make Us Proud.. I Love You Kobe..