Via The Laker Nation / Chris Manning.

Kobe Bryant has truly accomplished some amazing milestones this post-season. Recently, in one of his best playoff series in his career, he knocked off the rival Suns by an epic performance hitting clutch shots that left their head coach scratching his head and wondering if that was Kobe or Jordan out there.

The Suns, despite their valiant effort, shouldn’t be too upset. Kobe has reached milestones that have rivaled the all-time greats to ever play the game. Check out some of these milestones here.

  • Kobe became the Lakers all-time leading scorer in the playoffs; passing Jerry West.
  • Kobe became 4th leading scorer in playoff history; passing Karl Malone.
  • Kobe became Lakers franchise leader in playoff games; passing Magic Johnson.
  • Kobe tied Kareem for most playoff games with 30 or more points.

One last great milestone left for Kobe’s legacy is to do what ALL Laker-greats have done — beat Boston in the finals.

  • sassymantha

    i love him he’s the greatest

  • martinamalka

    WOW KObe you are amazing! I love loved seeing you play airplane on the court after those amazing shots that made me scream! What a close out game! I am still on cloud 24 and wearing your number everywhere! I am so PROUD and HAPPY. Now, let’s kick some Celtic tush! I am hating that color of Green lately!

  • drluz4kobe

    You’re really great,Kobe. I hope this will not make you arrogant, instead give God the glory for the talent that He has showered you.
    God bless you and the Lakers team.

  • mati15522

    Let’s go KOBE !!!! AFTER 5 RING !!! GO GO

  • kbalex

    Thats so amazing. Kobe is the greates of all time.

    Keep playing that well kobe! I hope lakers win the celtics in finals!

  • rebs24

    great job!!

  • ericlalfan

    Kobe is amaiZing… He wants to win every time he plays… and He is winning… Wow! The last shot over Grant Hill in front of Gentrys face was FANTASTIC! THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER IN THE WORLD!

  • kobethebest


  • stuby4x4

    Kobe you are the best there is. so please never stop playing in till you are about 45.
    look at o-neal

  • skassis

    Can’t get enough from Kobe,all this will be in NBA history, the most important event will be when he wears his fifth ring, sure it will happen. the team should have No doubts in their mind that they can’t beat boston,play with tenacity, fierceness, intensity,lots of passion and energy. Play Smart,and physically smart. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!Go Kobe!!!!!!!!!

  • Ladymamba24

    That last milestone will come true this year!! You got to love Kobe’s talent, discipline, and love for the game *;*

  • Abraham

    The G.O.A.T Kobe is too good!!!! sorry MJ but my man kobe is simply just too amazing and will b wearing around 10 rings by the time his done killing it, no one in the league can come close to the black mamba his just to great!!!

  • dough180

    SOARING with another 30pt game thought they he couldn’t do it aganist the Boston defense

  • nrod4uci

    What I truly admire about Kobe is his passion and ferociousness to win. In spite of all that he’s already accomplished, he continues to pursue perfection. That is what defines a champion–one who lives in the moment and not the past . . . who proves that he’s a winner every day. Go Kobe!

  • OC Candy

    These records were made by some great players of the small feat..for Kobe to surpass them is nothing short of awesome. Keep moving forward Kobe..things can only get better!!!!

  • hannahlau

    Your the man Kobe! I love watching you play!

  • nariman

    he shots in an wonderful way……………….but i hope he start his amazing dunks again…he just stopped dunkin’

  • sandy

    Beat Boston !!

  • carolina

    Good luck!!