The World Cup begins on June 11 in South Africa. As a boy growing up in Italy, Kobe played soccer, and has credited his time playing soccer for improving his basketball skills.

“I’m comfortable [with basketball] footwork because I played soccer,” said Kobe, “from changing up rhythms to foot speed, to being comfortable with having my right foot as my pivot foot and my left foot as my pivot foot.”

Take a look at Nike’s latest ad, Write The Future, and watch Drogba, Rooney and Ronaldo carve their name in history. The Black Mamba makes a special appearance, and shows just well he can pivot on either foot.

  • Fomy

    well ,American Beauty

  • urminekobe24

    Nice ad.. its too long…. cant appreciate much…i love Kobe… nice footwork…

  • Asa24

    thats cool how soccer improved your basketball skills

  • mvp2324

    Kobe your part is soooo legitt do that in a game!

  • drexnaw21

    cool video.
    Kobe is the best 😀

  • kb24lord

    well kobe we knew we were the best…..
    now not only at baketball

  • jk24

    way to “break an ankle”, kobe… love the move .. yeah !!

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    Go Kobe !!!
    You’re the best !!!

  • nelsito

    Kobe, Can you give up shoes at this year kobe Academy? I know you can do it!

  • martinamalka

    Very COOL Kobe!

  • Clutch

    sickest commercial!!!

  • saqrahman1

    Pretty cool commercial. I like that Ronaldino move too, who doesn’t.

  • princej24

    this is so cool I’m gonna try that play a lot of soccer and basketball

  • kingblack64

    let,s go kobe you the best put phx away

  • paulo

    i like the statue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • kbchamp

    Great Documentary which takes a look at Kobe bryant, the NBA and the scandal of point shaving in sports. This Documentery is both controversial and bold all in 3D. This shows Kobe in a good light as a hero.For fan of NBA, Kobe Bryant and sports in general this is a must watch.

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    Hahaah I keep watching it over and over…I love that commercial!!

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    Kobe, I’m going to flush you down the toilet..because you are the S**T!!!!

  • Mamba

    Awesome stuff, skills skills skills. the Mamba’s got some skills!!!!

  • tommyk24allday

    the commercial is pure genious how can you not have a commecial about writing history and sports and not have “The black mamba” ?

  • johnny

    no comments!!:p

  • Bunny

    Read ; August 23rd means so much to me. This legend was born. He is around 6’7 and is known to every man kind. His nickname is Mamba because he’s fearless and leaves his opponents behind, just like the snake. His parents named him after some kind of French or Italian food, I believe it was steak. That’s so funny and cute to me. I never was good at basketball but my goodness, he makes me want to try it out. God bless that wonderful man, his two beautiful daughters and his wife, Vanessa. I truely admire y’all.


  • Asa24

    johnny wat do you mean no commets you got to say something about kobe

  • Shumaila24

    Ah Kobe Bryant, you’re beyond amazingg:)
    I see you as an inspiration. I hope you get this.
    I think my only to see you is steppin into the WNBA.
    Beassst, <3 you!