Leave it to Kobe Bryant to dominate the court in game 5 against the Oklahoma Thunder tuesday night at the Staples Center.

“I was just aggressive,” Bryant said. “Just getting in the paint, making them make decisions. When I do that, I collapse the defense so they just have to make a choice.”

“Considering how inconsistently we’ve been playing, and the last game in Oklahoma, this was one of our better [games of the season],” said Bryant, who had 13 points and seven assists.

Kobe’s best work was utilizing his aggressive defensive skills to slow Westbrook, limiting Oklahoma’s star point guard to only 15 points.

“I enjoy a challenge, and he’s been playing sensational,” Bryant said. “If we’re going to be eliminated, I don’t want to go into the summer thinking I could have done something about it, so I accepted the challenge.”

Bryant’s statistical line – 13 points, seven assists, three boards, two steals in 29 minutes

Kobe was not the only starter to be working their skills, Pau Gasol had 25 points and 11 rebounds, Andrew Bynum added 21 points.

“We shot the ball well and were aggressive,” said Gasol. “I think we made ourselves a big presence in the lane and were effective.”

With the victory, the Lakers have chance at closing out the First Round series in what will be a tough game amongst the Oklahoma City fans Friday night in game 6.

  • riannon24

    hope they win in game 6…

  • jayjoka

    Lets end dis series lakers still wanna meet kb24 tho

  • kevin

    you guys got this,game 6 you guys are going to murder them go lakers #1

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/dsl10/ crazy fan of KB24

    congrats lakers
    u r the best
    i believe that black mamba sooner will show to all the champion person that he has in his heart
    come on kobe score more we need a 45 points
    kobeeeeeeeeeeeeee u r the greatest person in the world
    gooooooo kobe
    bryant in the top forever

  • ericlalfan

    Road to repeat. Come on Lakers. Belief.

  • http://NBA iese5

    Lakers get some energy and mighty power in the playoffs and the NBA finals to get focus
    and physical smarter and faster on offense and defense keep your heads up and guard someone
    and get your arms up side to side and get those rebounds and steals of loose ball in the game
    make your stand in the playoffs!

  • asa223

    ok alright wat did i say i said that lakers a going to win the nxt game right and guess wat they just now made it happen this is it there is now better guy than kobe and his mates noooooooooo better srry l3brOn

  • kobeisgoat

    i was at the game

  • drexnaw21

    Lakers vs. Thunder Game 5 was the best game ever!!!!!!
    I love Ron Ron’s DUNK on SELFOLOSHA!!!
    That was a good game Lakers ALL THE WAY!!

  • skassis

    lakers will be ready for game 6,no doubt that the thunder will adjust as well, but I know the lakers are capable of maintaining their game level, neither the crowd nor the referee will interfere when they are focused and playing with the same or more intensity and urge to win. Go Lakers!!!!!!!Go Kobe!!!!!! you can finish it.

  • jfoss15

    Got to make a high percentage of shots against these guys on the road. When we don’t shoot well they get a lot of opportunities on transition where they are very good. Limit them in transition and we win by 20. Keep D’en them up Kobe!

  • shady24la

    kobeee the black mamba you are the best…lets murder them in oklahoma and end this in game6 you do it…[[[GOOOOLAKER]]]

  • mati15522

    Go go Lakers !! :):)

  • kb24fan


  • yaadi

    Big up Shotta one down now we haffi slaughter utah!!!!

  • kbtp24

    show em` how to do it kobe

    its the drive for five

    kobe`s #1 fan

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/mrsshannonbrown/ MELANIE RUSSELL


  • cja33

    The Thunder`s Good Is Playing against the lakers` Great