In game one and two of the series, Kobe Bryant proved difficult to guard for the Thunder. In Game 3, the Thunder, led by Kevin Durant, got their first series win even with Kobe Bryant breaking the Los Angeles Lakers’ career record for scoring in the playoffs that was previously held by Jerry West.

Bryant passed Jerry West’s mark of 4,457 postseason points with a 16-foot jumper. Bryant ended the night with 24 points, which weren’t enough to help the Lakers past the Thunder. Oklahoma City beat Los Angeles 101-96 to cut the Lakers’ series lead to 2-1.

Durant who at 21 became the youngest player to lead the NBA in scoring, finished the night with 29 points and 19 rebounds.

“Scoring’s a big part of my game. It kind of overshadows the other parts of my game,” said Durant “But if I continue to play hard on both ends, it’s going to come around for me. I was able to get free and make a couple shots, and that’s what got us going.”

Kobe went 2 for 10 in the final 12 minutes, with Durant stopping between free throws at one point to motion to the bench that he wanted to guard the former MVP.

“It was a matchup that caught me by surprise,” said Bryant, who’s nearly half a foot shorter than Durant. “I think he did a great job.”

Gasol had a 17-point, 15-rebounds for the Lakers, Derek Fisher added 17 points and Andrew Bynum scored 13 points.

The Lakers will need to bounce back on Saturday evening for game four in Oklahoma.

  • Roberto Blanco

    Kobe You are the best…lakers for life!!!

  • R3NST3R

    congrats Kobe but lets win game 4 baby!

  • crazy fan of KB24

    don’t worry
    lakers will win game 4

  • tomynba

    no problem If LAL lost the 3 game with Oklahoma thunder next match today LAl will beat the thunder with 105-92

  • crazy fan of KB24

    lakers will win the championship
    gogooooooooo lakers
    goooo kobe

  • swiss

    Kobe as usual holding it down for the lakers….big ups to Ron artest too…Lake show all the way baby….We only need to start closing out games strong….get the lead and keep it…

  • asa223

    u see if u now kobe you cant stop him if u have seen kobe he can not be stop am i wrong kobe is the best player in the game of basketball today no doudt about it 4,457 post season points come on

  • asa223

    wat time is it because i cant keep track with all these wins

  • Kobe~MVP

    i hope in game 4 u will dominate the game with a huge performance

  • surajpal

    yha that my man

  • lakergyrl

    *Kudos to My Kobe* Go Kobe Go:)

  • Saif

    Kobe, I know you are hurting right now because of injuries. You have played a lot of bball in the last 2 years. Kobe forget about working out a bit. Forget in order to remember!!! You will need to be healthy to win it all.

  • skassis

    Kobe will continue to give it his best despite his injuries, his determination and focus are keys to his success and to be one of the best players in NBA history, Congratulations Kobe for advancing competing to reach the highest scorers in basketball history, may all your hard will be paid off at all times. All the best to come.

  • skassis

    May all your hard work will be paid off, never get enough of watching you doing the amazing on the court. Congrats for a second time from the heart.

  • debroasabrina

    There will only be one Kobe.
    There can only be one me.
    Even if we have twin sisters or brothers.
    Theres still only one .
    Now thats great and no one can change that.
    So ,why does the rest of the world say” who will be the next Kobe”?
    I enjoy watching you play.Have a great playoff.
    Enjoy my point ,because it’s true. Be ,you ,be one, be happy.
    I laugh at that a day , for sure.

  • oscar24

    how do u feel kobe passing jerry west

  • jeven

    Thats a great achievement for Kobe!!! We still need wins the team as a whole does not seem determined as much as they were last year. everyone needs to be on their A game!!! Lets go!!!

  • kobe666

    Its okay man
    we know u r da best
    da next time u will beat them
    i will pray for u

  • saqrahman1

    I liked the new record. Win another ring, and u’ll be unstoppable.

  • alvin23


  • alvin23


  • miket24

    Great job in passing Mr. Clutch, but you guys need to pick it up for game 5.

  • drluz4kobe

    Congratulations, KOBE.

  • yaadi

    Kobe one of the greatest to eva play the game!!!