A footnote to yesterday’s news story on the donation of Kobe’s signed shoes to the Dixie Canyon Elementary School Auction. PTA President Bridget Smith attempted to get the shoes authenticated by PSA/DNA Authentication Services in Newport Beach, the item did not pass the PSA/DNA authentication process.

When kobebryant.com contacted PSA/DNA via telephone we were told that it was “Just their opinion”. That being said, its our opinion that if you are seeking autograph authentication you should consider someone other than PSA/DNA, and their $80.00 fee.

Since we witnessed Kobe signing the footwear (As we always do) its our opinion that they should re-evaluate their process. Trying something more scientific than “ Atypical letter slant, angle, or pitch, drawn slowly, excessive pen pressure or improper shading, irregular spacing between letters, poorly positioned, irregular letter shape and/or formation.” As a means to determine authentication. Their opinion could have really had an adverse impact on a great group of kids and a great cause.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/zzljoycekobe/ Zheng Joyce

    Kobe, you are always the best !!!

  • saqrahman1

    That’s very ironic. It seemed like yesterday I just read that donation article. Now this? Very interesting, keep me updated.

  • fnmamba24

    Thats ridiculous especially when you witnessed him sign it yourself. Thats why I like UpperDeck Authentification. They have the camera pen. hologram, and are the most trustworthy place for signed athletic stuff. Too bad Kobe isnt with them anymore. Panini is great but they dont do memorabilia…..just cards….sigh….glad I got some UDA stuff before he left.

    I trust KB24 and I hope those shoe sell for a lot! The kids need it and its for a fantastic cause!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/thekobecollection/ thekobecollection

    PSA/DNA doesn’t really hold much weight when it comes to Kobe autographs. Prior to Kobe parting ways with Upper Deck, the only companies/organizations I would trust when it came to Kobe autographs were Upper Deck Authenticated (UDA) and the Lakers organization themselves. Anyone else such as PSA/DNA, Steiner, Scoreboard, etc. are next to meaningless. A quick eBay search for “Kobe PSA/DNA” results in a multitude of questionable Kobe autographed memorabilia that appears to have been signed by an 8-year old, including a ton of fake jerseys.

    I don’t see how PSA/DNA can reject an authentic Kobe signature and pass so many obvious forgeries. I’m not a professional autograph authenticator, but I do own my fair share of Kobe autographs and know a questionable signature when I see one.

    Now that Kobe is no longer with UDA, my suggestion would be for kobebryant.com to issue Letters of Authenticity (LOA) for all Kobe signed items, such as the shoes donated to the Dixie Canyon Elementary School Auction, and have it signed by someone within Kobe’s PR camp.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/capricdragon/ Capricdragon

    No way! PSA/DNA is somewhat reputable too.
    Hmmmm there’s GAI or JSA.
    Too bad a UDA rep wasn’t present at the signing.
    No doubting the UDA sticker.

  • fnmamba24

    Yea, that UDA sticker is the only way I trust any autograph unless I got it myself or it came directly from KB24 or the Lakers. That PSA GAI stuff is so questionable and “in their opinion”? is pretty ridiculous.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/renz824/ R3NST3R

    PSA sucks! honestly..
    I have seen people selling their stickers at the Frank and Son store for like 20 dollars and they give you 50 stickets of the PSA stufff.. stupid.. i dun trust them and never will

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/lakersmc/ LakersMC

    I had a friend who worked at PSA. They are just guys giving their opinion. They aren’t experts.
    I agree with TheKobeCollection. KB24 should have his own authentication sticker since some of these things come straight from Kobe himself. Other big name pros (e.g. Barry Bonds) do that.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/peter0q/ pete R0Q

    that’s why I like to try to get autographs myself.. its also more fun that way..

  • lakergyrl

    *Stay Strong Kobe,& Keep doing U* Love U:)

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/dsl10/ crazy fan of KB24

    kobe u r the best

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/capricdragon/ Capricdragon

    Pete R0Q ~ EXACTLY!
    LAKERSMC ~ that’s actually quite disturbing. Haha!