KB24 has exclusive access tonight for a special event being held in LA. Kobe and Raven’s legend Ray Lewis will be on stage live with special guests playing Guitar Hero. KB24 will be blogging live from the event so to give all the kobebryant.com members the first look into a night to remember.. Keep checking back.

9:15 PM

Let the games begin: So it’s best two out of the three and Ray wins the first one, but that’s fine cause we know how Kobe closes it in the end.

games_begin Kobe_picking_game Kobe_1_playing Guys_playing

Kobe wins the second and gets the idea that he wants to try and do the drums to switch it up.  Half way thru he abandons that idea and wants the guitar back, to wrap up the third game and take home the win…Yup he is the champion of Guitar Hero tonight.

Kobe_playing_drums Ray_playing Kobe_playing Kobe_winning Kobe_with_the_pose
9:00 PM

The start of the battle begins…cant wait to see who wins..even though we know it’s always KOBE all the way.  So Kobe and Ray went in back to get the whole scoop on how this was going to work, and to learn how to use Guitar Hero.

Kobe_ray_1 kobe_ray_2 Kobe_ray_3
8:00 PM

Kobe and Ray Lewis arrive to do the press line.  Some of the guests that also showed up are The Blindside’s – Quinton Aaron, Winner of Oprah’s Karaoke contest – Abraham McDonald, Bobby Brown, Cabbie

Kobe_arrives ray_lewis Quinton-Aaron Bobby_brown
7:30 PM

The red carpet is all step up the arrival of Kobe and Ray Lewis.


The stage inside is all set for the battle..

  • saqrahman1

    Jeez, will I wonder who would win, is Kobe and Ray either good at guitar hero. I didn’t even know athletes bothered with videogames so much, especially on sport games.

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    Cual es el twitter y facebook de kobe?

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    Haha kobe comes thru in the clutch again

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    kobe , u are a great person and sure a great basketball player.

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