The Lakers are set to play the Houston Rockets tonight at 5:30pm.  Tonights game is special due to what Kobe will be wearing, so watch to get a clear sight of the special Nike ID shoes.

Kobe will be lacing up the chosen design from Yi-Zhe, Chen.  This shoe is not only stunning but has a great meaning from his chinese fans.

Check out the shoes during tonights game.

  • kaye

    nice shoes..congratulations guys,
    for winning over rockets..god u kobe..

  • kobeforever

    i hope lakers win that game too .

  • mattsanta

    Sic iD’s!!!

  • life

    Kobe were can I find a pair of your shoes in a size 5 for little of me. your colors are mines to.

  • R3NST3R

    hey it looks good

  • Kobe~MVP

    dang! i think i saw those @ foot locker, lol. fresh! keep up w/ ur shoes kobe!

  • lakersfan0001

    love the shoes

  • darren24

    They look very good,love them.KOBE 4EVER

  • diehardkobefan

    are the results out yet for the zoom v contest?

  • diehardkobefan

    is this the same contest where the shoes were supposed to be aired at the April 11 game vs. portland?

  • kobefan8

    Sick Kicks

  • patb24

    i got to get me some of those shoes

  • cq24

    Sick shoes!!!