Friday night was not a shining moment for the Lakers in Oklahoma City.   Thunder squashed the Lakers to snap their seven game winning streak with a 91-75 victory.

The victory ended the Thunder’s 12-game losing streak to the Lakers, which they have had since 2006.

Kobe had five turnovers in the first quarter and was just four-of-11 shooting for the game.

“They did a great job defensively, it was a team effort and they did a great job executing their game plan,” Bryant said.

Lamar Odom scored 15 points, and Bryant finished with 11 points.

  • skassis

    I would call it a strike game for the thunder against the lakers, they gain more confidence in themselves after that win. Never understimate your opponent, now that the playoffs are not far,the lakers should start solid, so they can control the momentum of the game. it is only game and it is passed.

  • henry

    its ok, go lakers

  • cprath

    Since I live in Missouri, the Thunder is the closest NBA team we’ve got. So I came to watch this game. It was my second time to watch the lakers, but last time was in 2005. I will come to OKC again next time!

  • kingdrop11

    Kobe, im a big fan of yours and i wanna say i think u the best player that ever played the game and been my favorite player since 97. I argue just about every day how u are the best player to ever to ever do it, even tho Jordan is everybody’s favorite all-time. Then i got people saying Lebron is the best, human machine, half man half amazin, yeah don’t get me wrong Lebron is good but he ain’t the black mamba, the champion of the year. The only reason i’m saying this is because i from Wichita, KS and i went to the Game on the 26th and i was disappointed. I looked on the internet and they said u had 8 TO, that don’t even sound like Kobe. I’m really not even trip’n LA lost but i’m mad because i really came to watch Kobe Bryant do what he do best and thats be Mr. clutch, Mr. Hit that hoe, champion of the year and all of the above, and he sat out basically the whole second half. All i got was you sit’n on the end of the bench and all my friends back home and even my girl who came with me said Lebron wouldn’t have ever done it, Lakers suck. I don’t no what the lil dude told u but i read yo lips and said i don’t care, if i’m wrong i apologize. But the Kobe i know wounldn’t have ever said that. But i went and got Lakers cut in my head, bought a LA hat, drove from Wichita, all this to see my favorite player show poor sportmanship after all the Kobe Bryant stuff i throw in people’s face calling u Mr. buzzer beater, then ya’ll lose to the hornets today. I know ya’ll the truth, what Kobe need to do is run his team like all the Kobe Bryant, LA Laker fans know he can, put up 40 and 50 a playoff game for me for all the Kobe and Laker fans. I still got faith in u, never lost faith in u just be the Kobe i no u can be i know you cant always have a good game but, u always got pride. I’m Cody Baker out of Wichita, KS 24,yrs

  • kingdrop11

    There’s know way Durant is better than Kobe