The Los Angeles Lakers sent the Washington Wizards to their 11th straight loss, 99-92 Sunday night at the Staples Center.  The second quarter was where all the action was at, Kobe scored 20 points in a series of different jump shots.

The was the sixth straight win for the lakers, and it wasnt a hard win with a 26 point lead after halftime.  Pau Gasol had 28 points and 12 rebounds and Ron Artest added 16 points for the Lakers.

Kobe only fell one point shy of matching Alex English for 12th place on the NBA’s career scoring list, after nailing four 3-pointers and scoring 16 points in the final 5 1/2 minutes before halftime.

“We did a good job. I saw what I wanted to see,” Bryant said. “We didn’t close the game out the right way, but I liked what I saw. We didn’t miss too many assignments defensively. We did a really good job.”

Los Angeles improved the Western Conference’s best record to 52-18 with a league-best 32nd home victory. 

  • ko8e

    black mamba was great in the second quarter 20 points

  • Saif

    Hopefully the bench has a good game on the road to keep the starters healthy for the playoffs. Lets go MACHINE!

  • skassis

    the Lakers are on a win streak, bigger challenges are coming their way, that would demand the extra urgency and energy,solid team effort on defense and offense,not loosen up. Keep the Winning coming, Congrats. Go Lakers.

  • chainyza

    Yeah !!!
    That’s it ! Kobe and the Lakers will repeat Champ this year !!!

  • jayjoka

    Great game lakers still wish i can meet kb24

  • Kobe~MVP

    great job kobe!!

  • Lady KOBE

    Kobe you really need 2 get active with the ball shoot it more. Kobe you are still #1. luv ya Duces

  • thenextkb

    Good Job Lakers, epsecially you Kobe!

  • kobeforever

    what a gooood game .

    GOOOD job lakers and kobe

    kobe 4 ever

  • julian

    I have to admitt that it’s been a hected season for the lakers,but when you are the champions its not always going to be easy,but I will say this kobe is the greatest basketball player ever to play the game beside’s the all time 6time world champion retired, and I don’t even have to mention his name because If you Love basketball then you should already know who im talkingabout. But anyway I will say this much kobe plays just him. An that’s real talk, and to all the sports casters like Charles barkley who never had a chance to win a NBA championship because of whom?lol I will say this much kobe game ,performance, skill level is a greastest early80,90s. So with all this beeing said. Kobe you know your true king of the NBA . So I say that any arena that you might enter realize that their are in your jungle, start treating them as you seem to already know they are prey for the black mamba. Stop playing with eat them. P.s Im with you all the way until the end. Ju,

  • julian

    Sorry to all kobe fans I made a few errors but this Is my seriously without any doubt in my mind.