The Lakers and Kings are set to tip things off at 7 PM from Arco Arena, and the rivalry isn’t what it used to be.

The Lakers and Kings should be a good show, and I will be lacing up the “Del Sol” Away shoes.

  • martina

    The game was so much fun to watch! You set up Gasol, you got some good looks, and the bench showed some really nice moves, especially Shasha! I loved seeing you in your “Del Sol” Away shoes, too! Woulda loved to hear what Caspi said to you to get you going, too! See yous on the court Friday night…Shalom

  • skassis

    Watched the game, by the second half, sacremento wasn’t able to get in the paint,they were throwing themselves in and causing the foul, the lakers took control of the game by the second half, it was a good run for sacremento, the lakers were able to shut them down second half. Loved the team effort. Good game.

  • R3NST3R

    Kobe dominated that game man.. 12 pts straight hahaaa

  • lakersfan0001

    i love these shoes i want to get them if they come out

  • chris23

    kobe make it look so easy best play in the history

  • willie rage

    kobe is the best ever of course

  • mitter


  • kobeforever

    kobe for ever .
    LAKERS for ever
    YOU WAS FABiULUS IN THIS GAME . all fans member is HAPPY… :)

  • lkrs8350z

    Hey Kobe… where can I get the the Bruce Lee addition?