The Lakers were greeted with screaming fans for last nights game  against the Golden Stae Warriors.  it marked the fourth sellout game of the season for the Warriors, and not sure how they felt about the season high 20,039 fans chanting “M.V.P!” for Kobe Bryant.

This victory marked the the ninth straight time that the Lakers have beat the Warriors, and with Kobe Bryant scoring 29 points and Pau Gasol adding 26 you would have thought is was a slam dunk.

Andrew Bynum added 19 points and 14 rebounds, and Lamar Odom had 17 points.

  • rocknrolla2324

    lights out basketball game.

  • mattsanta

    Yea I was late to work the next day due to watching this game LOL It was well worth it =)

  • skassis

    Every winning game is bringing the best of the lakers,they are getting ready for a biggest challenge, Congrats for the whole team, keep he energy flow running,stay solid on defense. Go Lakers.

  • Saif

    Lakers are looking good. Kobe is getting ready for playoffs. Kobe you will have 5 this year.

  • 田轶群爱尚亚星

    The real Lakers is back!

  • eric

    Keep it up kobe! MVP

  • martina

    The Warriors were hungry to beat the world Champs, but they just couldn’t get the last second three point shot to tie it up and go into overtime. It is and certainly has been hard to defend the champianship, but it is being done! Go Lakers you are Best in the West, and soon to be the Best in the East. Stay Hungry…Stay Healthy, eating good food-energy sources that lift your stamina, and get the rest you need!

  • patb24

    kobe is clearly one of the best players ever he has done most of the stuff michael jordon has done already and he aint even retired yet

  • omid24

    Gooooo LAKERSsssss

  • chris23

    man kobe is the best even better than lebron in jordan best player ever

  • XXX Hans Christian-MVP XXX






  • drexnaw21

    Kobe for the epic win!!!
    That was a good game.