Last nights victory over the Phoenix Suns improved the Lakers to 16-3.  The whole team was on fire last night, with Kobe leading all five Lakers starters in double figures.

“We played with a lot of poise,” Bryant said. “They got back into it but we never really got rattled. We just had to execute and take what the defense gives us.”

With only 5:06 to play, Pau Gasol hit Louis Amundson upside the head on a drive to the rim. Alvin Gentry, the Phoenix coach had to be retrained by his assistant coach and was eventually ejected from the game by referee Mike Callahan.  Apparently he thought Gasol deserved a flagrant foul.

“Pau gave a hard foul tonight, which is what we like to see from him,” Bryant said. “We don’t like giving up layups or giving up easy opportunities. We’re just playing hard. It’s not playing dirty. It’s just not giving up anything easy.” Bryant who had a previously injured finger, got it hit again when Stoudemire blocked his dunk attempt in the third quarter.
“I can’t hold the ball, so that’s a little frustrating,” Bryant said. “But it feels OK now.”

  • lovekb24

    Lakers! (:

  • lilazn04

    kobe had an overall good game
    hope the lakers can continue this streak

  • arman

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  • skassis

    That’s the way to do it, not backing up from scoring,or defending,play your game to the best of the team to keep your opponent at the edge all the time. Congratulation Lakers, the road is a bit long, stay focus and be patient, your reward at the end will top all your hard efforts. Go lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ~Island Girl~

    Great game Kobe, you all are starting to get your rhythm back, and thats what I wanna see, let alone all your fans, I’m sure they were happy to see you all play the way you did with the Suns. Best of luck to you and the Lakers on your next back-toback games vs. Warriors and Kings. Take care and God Bless you and the team.

  • Hans Christian =)


  • XXX Hans Christian-MVP XXX


  • 田轶群爱尚亚星

    That’s my Lakers,I know YOU can!

  • zone24

    Feel Better!

  • jayjoka

    i want 2 be like kobe
    da best eva

  • alvin23

    kobe lead the team great as always…congrats on the win and keep up the streak…way to go PAU for playing aggressive, btw he’s too good of a person to want to have hurt the guy he didn’t mean it..

  • ybsen

    Go Lakers!
    I’m sorry barbosa, I’m brazilian but Lakers it’s my favourite team and Kobe is the best player. =D
    Where’s the fifth ring??? \o/
    Natal/RN – Brazil

  • mambafollower

    So Anyone Think The Lakers Are Gonna Accomplish the Drive For Five?

  • chris23

    kobe is the best player ever i wish i could play like him