The Lakers snapped their 3 game losing streak with Kobe hitting a 17-foot jumper with 1.9 seconds left in the game against the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night.

“That’s my responsibility here, to close things out,” Bryant said with a shrug. “The same shot in Orlando, and I missed it.”

Pau Gasol scored 17 pointand nine rebounds and Andrew Bynum had 22 points, to help the Lakers come back from the winless road trip.

Lamar Odom had 10 points, eight rebounds, five assists.

“In the second half, we picked it up and it paid off,” Gasol said. “We’ve got to start building on our confidence and really stepping it up. So far lately, we’ve been struggling. We’ve been playing well in stretches, but not consistently, and we’ve got to figure that out.”

With a steal by Derek Fisher and two free throws with 30 seconds left it put the Lakers ahead by four.

Hopefully this is the start of a really good winning streak, but if left up to Kobe we will be sealing the deal in the last shot.

Way to go KOBE

  • mickey deol

    Good game lakers

  • lovekb24

    Kobe is perfect ! (:
    Kobe make a wonderful game.

  • R3NST3R

    “kobe did it again!”

  • jdouglasjr


    You are so Clutch! We love you so much man! Keep it up and God Bless you, your family and the LAKERS! JD, Sherman Oaks, CA

  • decivd24

    MVP!! MVP!!

  • fonsi

    thanks kobe, you’ve done that being awake every night in spain makes sense, and i don’t care if those shots go in or not, ’cause watch u playing basketball is amazing anyhow. sorry for my english…jejeje i hope u understand what i want to say. hugs.

  • airjohn

    Unbelievable shot!!

  • skassis

    It is a good win, I sense that the team is loosing its urgency to reach the final, I miss the energy and the motivation,each laker should try to give it his 100 per cent effort to win everytime as a team, and to have more confidence with your shots , the last shot should be your last resort to win. Kobe , you are the best finisher in the NBA, Congrats.

  • Waunie Wilson

    We really have to play nastier and lakier to prove we’re the best team in the NBA…

  • ale7

    Great game, great shot, great player…

  • Hans Christian =)


  • Zheng Joyce

    Kobe is a game finsher!

  • 田轶群爱尚亚星

    2 tell the truth ,I’m upset about this should-be-happy news,because I’m sure the purple-gold army do have the ability 2 end most of its games NOT by the BM’s last shots!Конечно,I feel very proud 2 b his fan every time I hear he makes a last shot,but the others of the great Lakers,great guys,c’mon!I totally trust in you all,I know you can!Work harder,and beat the opponents right down on the ground 2gether,don’t always depend on his last shot.And by the way,he do is great,I admit,but if u work really hard,you can b great,too!(Lamar,I always think u will b the second Pippen,work on!)

  • ~Island Girl~

    OMG…What I would have done to watch this game, I was so mad that there was a power failure in my area 10 minutes before the tip off. But I did what I had to do to follow my Lakers, thank God for phones, cause that’s exactly how I followed this game. But in the end the power failure didn’t really bother me knowing that Kobe had done it again. I would have loved to have seen it, but we won and that’s all that mattered to me, thanks to my hero #24 Mr. Black Mamba. Kobe take that shot and the many others that you done so far, and work it, I have faith in you and the team. You motto from here on out should be “Whatever it takes!” Hey got a question “Will you be at the Lakers Fan Jam? Me and my kids are so looking forward to seeing you in person at Fan Jam, we’ve always watched you on TV, but it would be a lifetime memory just to see you in person. Best of luck to you and the team on the road for the next 3 games. Take care and God Bless you, your family and the team.

  • cmyoung

    This is the exact reason I made his Fan Page, ‘Being Clutch’!/pages/Being-Clutch/358269958098?ref=mf

  • arseniy

    Good game!

  • ketul

    This is why you are great.. you are never afraid to take the last shot. but we do need to step up the D hopefully we do better next game vs phx good luck

  • willie rage

    yes sirr kobe is the man of all bball men i think kobe will rings when its all said and done !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • egyptianboy24

    LETS GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • martina

    KOBE! You is the man in the house! I watched the game twice just to see that last 1.9 seconds and your 17 foot jumper! That is when my son gave you the best compliment ever! You are such a great role model Kobe and we are rutting for you at our home court here in Ventura, Calif. We are looking forward to tonight’s game…I never miss a game! Keep on feeling good! And thank you for the joy you bring into our home!

  • bryantfan1

    KOBE,u the best.

  • dsl10

    kobe you are the best. i love your game. go kobe …. i will be always your best female fan.

  • kalvinkobe

    GOOD JOB KOBE!!!!!!! You are a very smart player. Keep up the good work.

  • patb24

    that proves he is way better then lebron

  • chris23

    kobe is the best player ever even better than lebron