The Los Angeles Lakers last three wins have come with Bryant resting his sore left ankle, which he aggravated last week. Whether he will play in Sunday’s All-Star game is still up in the air, but the team has shown that they can still hold it down for him to recover as they prepare to defend their NBA title.

“This is a good team no matter who’s in or who’s out of the lineup,” said Lamar Odom, who had 25 points and 11 rebounds for Los Angeles. “We’ve got a lot of guys that can play.”

Pau Gasol had 22 points, 19 rebounds and five blocks and Jordan Farmar added 18 points for Los Angeles, which enters the All-Star break with the best record in the Western Conference at 41-13.

Los Angeles was also without center Andrew Bynum, who was out with a bruised right hip, yet didn’t appear to be the slightest bit short-handed.

“We’ve been playing good basketball recently. It was unfortunate that Kobe had to go out and Andrew as well,” Farmar said. “Everybody took it upon themselves to really play better basketball and play together.”

Since the end of the first quarter the Lakers had been in control. After the Jazz cut the lead to one point, the next 12 points scored by the Lakers and a 3-pointer at the buzzer by Farmar gave them a 31-18 lead.

“We finished strong,” Los Angeles coach Phil Jackson said. “We played well with the limited lineup that we had out there.”

The Lakers are 2-1 against Utah this season

  • willie rage

    good iam glad he needs to sit out for a good minute ! playoffs is what counts

  • kobelover4eva

    Hopefully u r better for the allstar game!!!!….im counting on u kobe

  • Zheng Joyce

    Good job!
    Go Lakers!

  • NiNaRoSs

    No worries KOBELOVER4EVA! He’ll be feel’n better in no time & kick ass at the ALLSTARS!!!…but if not, then I think he should rather take care of that ankle for our games & go for another “COOKIE”!!!….


  • skassis

    each laker got a heart of a champion,they got the passion and strong will to repeat the title again, with a great leader like Kobe Bryant, the team will be tighther as a team. Congratulations.

  • Waunie Wilson

    If any any team can win games without their allstar player and important piece to the team, that says alot of things to other teams in the league competing against them…. Go Lakers!!!

  • wandasessionperry

    I’m very proud of the Lakers, I knew thry could do it with Kobe or without. Now, we’ve got to keep it up. Play together when Kobe comes back and keep that same attitude and the defensive playing. They need to keep that toughest up becasue everyone is looking for us to lose. And, we Lakers are calling them a lie. In the meantime, Kobe, get well and rest that ankle.I';m praying for you and Andrew and the team to heal and stay healthy so we can bring another championship to LA. Go lakers, you can did it. Kobe, this is your no.1 fan from the sparkling city by the sea, Corpus Christi, Texas. My class and I are the one who sends you and Phil cards of encourgement and birthday. I’m keeping everyone in prayer.Keep the faith and will do it. Get well and God Bless! hope to see you at the NBA Allstar, if not, understand. Have fun in my hometown.

  • coolkobe24

    Yeah thats true even without a great leader like kobe they still did pretty great

  • martinamalka

    Kobe you have lead this team through true leadership and the proof is in the pudding! They are getting the job done. I just hope they keep it up when you return to take the pressure off of you! Your leadership was recognized by Gasol when he was interviewed after the last game. He realized you lead the team and because of your leadership they knew what to do! Just get yourself strong enough for the duration! We know we can also be the 2010 champs! Concentrate on one win at a time and just like last year, we’ll get there! We love you, and you sure are seasoning nicely dude!

  • bryantfan1

    fantastic job done LAKERS,hopefully KOBE gets better to be able to play soon.

  • matchew

    Kobe was voted player of the decade!! It was announced all star weekend and tnt anylyst Kenny, charles and Chris web all disagreed and thought shaq was the player of decade. Thats crap! the fans were so right, shaq might of been the most dominate player of decade and kobe would probably agree. I thought kobe’s decade was the best of all time. All the rings, over coming adversity that most people couldn’t comprehend, 81 points witch was better than wilts 100, 61 in 3 quaters, 9 consecutive 40 point games, 4 straight 50 point games, all the game winners. I could go on and on and the cool thing is that I watched just about every one of those games cause thats the kind of fan I have been. Kobe truly is mosarck in sneakers, Thank you kobe. Their will never ever be another player like you….

  • wandasessionperry

    Kobe, I saw you had a great time in my home town of Dallas, Texas and it was amazing. Sorry you weren’t able to play but I know you and the family had a great time.In the meantime, you rest and get better. Yes, the team is doing great but they still need thier leader. I do hope you are sitting back looking and observing what or how they play without you and take some of the advice and do some of the same to help them to relax. I think they get tends when you are on the front and they have to prove themselves to you and other and with you now there now, they are relax and know that they have to keep winning to stay ahead. I just want to mention defensive and rebound and the whole team get tough like the boston celtics. We can do it and i’m keeping the team, coaches and staff in pray everyday you travel, play and at home with families. Remember to always pray and ask God to direct you all pass and He will do just that. And, thanks Him for the lose and the win. I;m the fan from Corpus Christi, Texas thats been by you and your family side through the bad times and and good ones too. And, send the cards to you, Phil Jackson and your family. Get better we need you and please stay healthy the whole team.Go Lakers and we are ready for the 5th one. Love and God bless each of you and hang in there. Hopefully we will meet soon. I do hope you read the messages that are place on your web site. I will be in the Los Angeles area in July if everything goes well, your like a like my son girlfriend is having a baby and I plan to visit the Staple Center and hope to see you. Take care and Go Lakers from the fans of Corpus Christi, Texas, the sparlking city by the sea.