This years All-Star game will not be the same without the Black Mamba gracing us with his skills.

By staying out,  he will likely be ready to play against Golden State on Tuesday.  Kobe is the the third West guard to decide not to play due to injury, but he is still scheduled to travel to Dallas and take part in All-Star Weekend festivities as a spectator

Bryant, who has been the recipient of three All-Star MVP awards,  has been held out of the last three games due to a sprianed ankle.

Jason Kidd of the hometown Mavericks has been tabbed to replace Bryant.

  • skassis

    I always look forward to watch the all star game, just because Kobe is playing, and Jordan before him, Kobe brings always a spark on the court, I like that. How about Pau Gasol isn’t he playing? I am looking forward to see Shanon Brown in the Slam dunk competition, he got what it takes to win.

  • lqmxdza

    OMG~! MVP!!!

  • joana

    so sad…

  • jmauro

    he needs the rest..we want a championship, not just a MVP of the allstar game…

  • kobebestever

    east is gonna win and king james is gonna get mvp. glad kobe isnt playing. ill rather have a championship than kobe playing hurt

  • R3NST3R

    hey at least Kidd got in right? I still duno how Kaman got in tho

  • Zheng Joyce

    No Kobe, No All-Star.:(
    But I will still waiting for seeing you at the All-Star Weekend.:)
    Good luck to Shannon Brown in the Slam Dunk Contest!

  • lukasz

    :-(( !!

  • Lauren Gullion

    I am sooo sorry Kobe…..

  • brandonbuckalew

    This decision helps me believe that Kobe is once again determined to earn his 5th ring. Good decision by the mamba even though I would have liked to see him “doin work” and get another All-star MVP!

  • TheMarkoKobe

    That sucks :(((((((((((((((((((((((( Kobe don’t worry ,you will be in all next all star games :)

  • Roberto Blanco

    No…its not the same all star…..bad luck…..!!!

  • iLLWiLL20

    Player of the Decade!!!

  • yanebok

    this will be the most boring all-star ever!!! =(

  • Marrione Aquino

    Damn.! without Kobe the game will be useless.. Kobe is better than ever.!

  • andrewsapega

    The only reason why I watch All Star game it is Kobe Bryant! It’s pity that he won’t be play…

  • dsl10

    kobe u are the best
    keep playing like a champion
    many people are with u

  • coolkobe24

    Ah come on I bet he would be like the best if he just played

  • martinamalka

    That’s for sure! I miss Kobe period, but want him to rest up the the duration ahead! Kobe you are missed very much. I bet you are excited, too, about our first Israeli NBA player. I love it when I see the Israeli flags waving in the grandstand. What a thrill it must be to be a part of this organization, Kobe! Looking forward to seeing you rock on the court soon!

  • Brittney Dudycha (Kobelover4eva)

    Get Them Next Year Kobe….

  • chadilacmamba24

    what a heartbreak

  • Dont Criticize Realize

    Its okay Kobe, rest up. Yeah, the All-Star game will definitely not be the same without the Black Mamba. I for one am glad Kobe is resting up for the 2nd half of the season so he can make the drive to championship number 5 and continue to make history. I would love seeing Kobe being named All-Star game MVP, but rather see him rest up and win the NBA Finals MVP for the 2nd straight year!

  • bryantfan1

    was really looking forward to watching KOBE play in the all star game,he is the reason why i watch basketball in the first place. Anyways KOBE,i wish u a speedy recovery,looking forward to seeing you play soon.

  • nariman

    I want you to playyyyyyy!!!!! But let me say ,,, I don’t like Kobe just because of his play.. I ‘ ll love him even after he becomes retired.

  • jack

    that sucks!

  • zone24

    Get well Soon –Happy Valentines–>

  • willie rage

    man i was not interested in the game i did watch here and there but kobe wasnt playing so i was like west ant gonna win they just gonna jock lebron saying hes the best player on the planet ? with no rings hes the best yeah ok , his dunks and taunts and hand shakes is allright cool, rapping drake forever song for his movie lol dude is funny ! and all but lets get to the real bball jump shot back spin , crossover, floater, fade away, back step , dribble fake head, fake , list goes on and on kobe is the greatest ever !

  • arpitaku

    It was not the same at all. :(

  • NiNaRoSs

    I for some reason did not enjoy the “All Star” game. Maybe becuz my Kobe wasn’t playing!! ={ Anywazy, how r all my KOBE fans doing???? 😉

  • christercachero

    so sad he didnt even get the chance to wear his KB5 ASG colorway this weekend…i hope he and the lakers will be healthy entering the playoffs..God Bless

  • matchew

    Congrads to Kobe on being the player of the decade. TNT analyst Charles, Kenny and C webb all thought shaq should of been player of the decade. Well the fans were right this time, shaq might have been the most dominant player of the decade and kobe would probably agree but not the best.I thought it was the best decade of all time.. How about all kobes rings, 9 consecutive 40+ point games, overcoming all the adversity he faced that most people couldn’t comprehend, 4 straight 50+ point games, 61 in 3 quaters, 60 points at MSG, all the game winners. I could on and on and the best part about the decade, I got to watch most all of those games. Kobe truly is mosarck in sneakers and their will never ever be a player like kobe bryant. Thank you kobe for the best decade ever played…

  • airjohn

    no All-Star, no MVP, NO problem!! next year is yours!! 😀

  • Lakers24fan

    All Star weekend was just wack this year in general. Everything from the slam dunk contest to the game itself. There was just no excitment. With Kobe out I was just not as interested in the game, but I am glad that he is trying to take time off and heal so that way he will be ready for the rest of the season. The rest of the team has stepped up and that’s a great confidence booster for them as well to know they can win without their star player.

  • Mark C.

    Yep I know what everyone here means. I’ve been recording the NBA All-Star since 2001, this is the first year I didn’t. It was too boring without Kobe there, I havta admit I stopped watching in the 2nd quarter and proceeded to play modern warfare 2, which was soo much more entertaining.

  • willie rage

    kobe needs to come back now

  • lilwhtboybrandon

    i say kobe’s new nickname should b Killer Bytes bc his initials r kb which mean killobytes but changing it to killer bytes would be awsome or killer bites or killa bytes or killa bites lol

  • 田轶群爱尚亚星

    Of course I wanna c u on court in the world’s biggest crowd of audience!But 2 tell u the truth,I’d rather like u 2 b offcourt and have a good rest that u deserve.I know you wanna try your ever best 2 get that ring again,but the road 2 it is still very long…so,let’s have a rest and gather a even stronger strength 2 make it.Don’t forget there r thousands of millions of your supporters behind u right in the east!