The Lakers are set to play in Utah against the Jazz tonight. ¬†With the All-Star weekend coming up, the Lakers’ training staff would like Bryant to rest, but Bryant said he’s not ruling out playing tonight.

“If I’m ready to go, I’ll play,” said Bryant

“If it’s an injury where I feel like I can play through it and have it heal while I’m playing, then I’ll play. But if it’s the type of injury where it’s going to get worse when I play, then I won’t.”

If he plays, he will be wearing the Zoom V Away shoe.

  • freshprince

    too bad kb aint playing tonight which means he is out sunday!!! this sux!!!! no kb …no all star game!!! damn!!!!

  • jmauro

    great CW….glad he is getting some rest.

  • bryantfan1

    im so sad that he is nt playing in the all star game but on the brighter side resting will help him healed and prepared for the games ahead.This year is ours to win.GO KOBE!!!

  • siruglyducky

    NBA is not the same without you Kobe, but right now is the best you can do. These kind of injuries heal with resting, and if you don’t give them enough time for resting they become worse. There is no doubt of your commitment with the Team and with all your fan, you are a trully professional, but right now we rather you to give the right time to that injury to heal than see you in the court no playing at 100% of your capacity as you use to do. As your fans we are expecting more championships for you, I believe that you will beat MJ wining more than 6 championships. In order for you to do that, you have be healthy 100%.
    Cheer up Kobe, You are the best of the best!!!

  • ladykobe

    These shoes is so tight. cant wait to get some!!!!!!

  • ladykobe

    My Kobe fat head is here. My room is nice. i got my fat head,Lakers bed set,My KB light cover is here. Wow I get to see KOBE every day.

  • kingbryant24

    Good thing kb is getting some rest.Kb needs to prepear for the finals.He has to get his 5th ring

  • eli

    dear Kobe hi im a fan A big fan i wish i can meet you you are my favorite basketball player in the world can YOU PLEASE try your hardest to meet me sincerly Eli akhamzadeh