Even with the Black Mamba playing with a sprained ankle he was able to score 33 points against the Denver Nuggets tonight.

“I could still be effective and play,” Bryant said tersely. “Obviously, I’m not as explosive as I was but I can still command double teams, things like that.”

When asked if the Nuggets think they are the better team after this win. Bryant replied, “I’m sure they do. They played extremely well the first two games this season and they have every right to feel that way.”

Billups hit four consecutive 3s to give Denver an 87-85 lead, its first since late in the second quarter.

“Without Melo out there, you’ve got to make up for a lot of different things,” he said. “Our style of play is a tough style to play against if you’ve got guys that are making shots. If we’re not making shots, they’d probably beat us pretty handily. But when we are, we’re a tough group to defend.”

This win allowed the Nuggets to get to .500 on the road at 12-12 (126 – 113)

  • skassis

    this game is over,I believe that was a turning point for the team, they are playing sharp,no fear, with a lot of confidence, those feelings will put them on top of the world, Congratulations Guys,especially Pau and lamar, not to forget to mention Fisher,Brown, and Artest,Farmar,strong team play.

  • coolkobe24

    Hey guys did kobe just sprain his ankle or did someone kick him or something because the video i saw wasnt really clear