To commemorate Bruce Lee’s 70th birthday, the Nike Kobe Zoom V “Bruce Lee” edition will be released, as seen on the Lakers in tonights game.  These shoes will be released in a limited numbers.  Check out the store to get a pair.

  • fnmamba24

    These looked sick today and Kobe scored 33 with a sprain ankle with them on……too bad we lost but its all good. Cop these tomorrow!

  • kb24greatness

    cant wait

  • ddc012

    wasn’t bruce lee’s birthday in november?

  • jy24

    what time??

  • dom3r

    Kobe is like Bruce Lee. His work ethic and never say die attitude on the court is what makes The Blakc Mamba. The Bruce Lee Editions are just too sweet….

  • brianwong


  • jmauro

    very cool tribute to Mr. Lee…the best saluting the best!

  • drc88

    Anyone know what time they will be released?

  • R3NST3R

    i wonder wer he took that pix

  • RissaMissa

    haha! AWESOME picture! 😀

  • kobeisgoat

    I got a pair of these man they are nice online and even nicer in person keep them coming MVP 2009-2010 champs lets do it again

  • Bingzhi


  • yopeepz

    I need HQ of that pic.. please!! anyone!! thanks in advance!!

  • kobebestever

    i very good looking shoe

  • wax26

    coooool!!! that bruce lee statue is lucky for having kobe at his side….nice man..

  • matty24


  • kobeall

    how fast did these things sell out? i didnt get a pair :(

  • gavster

    I am going to buy it man it make u more Lightness

  • willie rage

    kobe is the ish like bruce the master !

  • airjohn

    i hope they will come to Greece so i can afford them 😀

  • nesthehaitiankobe

    Basketball is like a kung-fu fighting and both of this guys are the best in their game

  • ptrinh24

    umm wen can i get a pair of these???

  • NiNaRoSs