Phil Jackson became the winningest coach in Lakers history in Los Angeles’ 99-97 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night.

Jackson is the winningest playoff coach in NBA history, and the only coach to win more than 70 percent of his regular-season games.

The Lakers hadn’t been home since beating Orlando on Jan. 18, and went 5-3 on their East Coast trip.

The night was fill with excitement, starting with a standing ovation from a pregame ceremony in which Lakers great Jerry West presented him with a game ball in recognition of Bryant’s ascension to the top of the Lakers’ career scoring list. Bryant passed West on Monday night during the Lakers’ loss at Memphis.

The Bobcats could not capitalize on Kobe Bryant’s performance, who late in the first half appeared to injure his left foot when Odom stepped on it.

Andrew Bynum had 17 points and 14 rebounds, Lamar Odom scored 19 points and Pau Gasol and Ron Artest scored 14 points apiece for the Lakers

  • yanebok

    great job! congrats coach phil! ☺

  • skassis

    the lakers got their rest, and they are getting back into their rythm, to focus on winning. I hate to hear that kobe had to leave the game, so lakers team it is all up to you, to execute well as a team, if kobe can’t give it his best. I have To Congratulate Phill Jackson, He is an excellent coach. I always believed a coach effect the team performance and progress,strategy,at the end winning games. Even if you have the best player on the team, without a good coach, that team might not win.

  • matty24

    Wow! Keep up the nice work^_^

  • lkrs8350z

    wow… what a victory, Kobe was not 100%, to me, it seemed like he took the day off, all his shots, were off. De fence was.. eh! not a pretty win but a win. I don’t understand how Lakers can play so sloppy sometimes.

  • martinamalka

    Yeah, Great team work. I would like to see Gasal rebound more, and stay with the play till he gets the job done instead of ducking out of the way. Lamar really knows how to rebound the ball and stay with it till he gets the job done! I love watching Lamar Odom play ball, too, he’s exciting to watch on the court. Glad you got a rest Kobe last night, too. I was smiling when you were with Jerry West on the court. It was so beautiful to watch the admiration you both have for one another, and watching made me realize what it is all about! You are the greatest player in the game Kobe! what a compliment Jerry gave you! YOU ARE THE GREATEST PLAYER BASKETBALL HAS SEEN, AND YOU ARE RUBBING OFF ON LAMAR, too. DID YOU SEE HIS TRICK SHOT, he is trusting himeself more. THANKS AGAIN FOR AN EXCITING NIGHT OF BASKETBALL! Go Lakers!

  • husrev

    in kobe’s absence the team good work was accomplished

  • jayshem29

    I agree…. Keep it up Lakers….. And Kobe continue being there for your team…. Much respect.

  • miamorekobe

    you guys are amazing..god bless..

  • chadilacmamba24

    PHIL JACKSON IS THE SHITTTT. 12 rings?! (2 as a player for NY) thats crazy, but its not hard to win when you got kobe playin for ya, he can carry that team at any given time when needed, just watch spike lee’s doin work with kobe, shows just how intelligent he is in the game. keep it up LA, 2010 champions

  • Zheng Joyce

    Go Lakers! Love you Kobe!

  • wax26

    great work everybody…most specially for coach phil..keep it up…nice nice..