[dropcap1]R[/dropcap1]ecently we had the privilege of sitting down with NBA Champion and Kobe’s good friend Josh Powell. An avid music fan and sneaker aficionado, Josh had this to say:

How are the zoom V’s different to play in than the IV’s?

Basically you still get the same support, but it’s a lighter and lower cut shoe. The colors are awesome on the IV, but I am really looking forward to the new colors of the V. The lighter shoe allows me to move faster and better, and I know they will always be on the cutting edge with a shoe that really supports your game.

Do you feel the V’s give you more support than a hightop?

I definitely do. It supports my playing style great.

What is your favorite Kobe colorway so far?

I personally like the Christmas Day shoe and I love that it was exclusive,…but I do look forward to seeing the future colors of the V. I know they will be coming up with some one of a kind and creative combinations.

What is the one thing that surprised you about Kobe after you met him?

How personable he is. He reached out to me and kind of took me under his wing, and I have appreciated learning from him and being able to work side by side with him everyday. He supports us all as a team so much.

What is the best piece of advice that Kobe has given you to improve your personal game?

To continue to stay mentally ready and always work harder than the next person. Kobe’s work ethic is incredible, and when you combine that physical preparation with a tough mental outlook, you will be successful. I look at what he does everyday, and it continues to inspire me to work harder and harder.

What’s the funniest moment of the season so far?

Can’t put my finger on just one… we as a team have a great time together. There is such good chemistry, and we all enjoy being together and working together. It makes for some fun and crazy times.

What’s on your iTunes and do you and Kobe share music?

I listen to all genres, and I am a huge music fan overall. I really share music with the whole team, and it is definitely one of my passions.

For more information on Josh please check out JoshPowell21.com and Facebook.com/joshpowell21

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/lakers24fan/ Lakers24fan

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Josh on several occasions. He is truely one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He is very fan friendly and willing to sign. Thanks for the autographed shoes Josh :) It was my best Christmas gift.

  • kobelover4eva

    I Love All The Lakers….I’m Like Obssesed With Them….i Wish i can have a autographed shoe by one of the Lakers…Lakers24fan….You are soo lucky

  • martinamalka

    He’s a great addition to our team! Good to have you on board Josh!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/jmizzo/ jmauro

    Josh is a very cool down to earth dude…glad to have met him!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/lakersmc/ LakersMC

    Nice interview. Glad the site got us something straight from one of the fellas.