During the Lakers road trip to New York, Kobe made time to stop in to the House Of Hoops to talk about his new shoe with fans.

Check the video out!

  • skassis

    I can’t see the video, not sure why

  • martinamalka

    So nice to see you feeling good Kobe. I love when you teach your audiance about the history of the Garden. Kobe my son wants me to buy him a pair of your new kicks for his 20th birthday. He is very excited to wear them while he plays ball on the court. His last days of his teens are running out. Feb.12th he is twenty, no longer a teen! I am a proud mom!

  • kb24greatness

    the man

  • myriamkb24

    What a lucky guy! Just been in the shop of NBA here in Hongkong today. And guess what people were crazy about KOBE’S ALL STAR Jersey. As you know it’s a very limited edition so here in HK onlly 4 jersey,so many were upset and left empty handed.same as his shoes, selling like hotcakes.

  • jmauro

    i don’t see any video attached.

  • KobeFan Jay

    I’m praying for an appearence like this on the west coast soon. I’m loving my Zoom IV’s and I can’t wait to get a pair of the Zoom V’s!

  • jmauro

    some great pics and video of the event.

  • lilazn04

    oh man i live in NY and i missed this chance!