Kobe will be skipping this years Sprite Slam Dunk contest, even if Shaq thinks he should be participating.  Bryant won the dunking crown when he was a rookie.

James who originally said he was in has backed out and has been criticized. He says players should not feel a responsibility toward entering the contest as a way of giving back to the league.  Bryant would like to see the MVP take part.

“Responsibility? No,” Bryant said following the Lakers’ shootaround. “People want to see it, so it’s good to do it at least one time in your career. It’s fun.”

The contest is Feb. 13 in Dallas, and Shannon Brown has been getting tips from teammate Kobe Bryant. In regards to if Kobe thinks James would win..

“I think he would come in a close second behind Shannon Brown,” he said.

  • fnmamba24

    what does he have to prove with a slam dunk contest. Kobe won it already and he isnt a high flyer anymore. Thats Shannons job, save his legs, rest his back and finger and enjoy allstar weekend. Let the guys that arent in the allstar game get a moment in the spotlight!

    Go SHANNON! Show em how its done and smash that Kryptonate!

  • NiNaRoSs

    Ahh…damn!! I was look’n forward to seeing my boy do his thang!!! Kobe would have kill’d it!!! I love his DUNKS!!!

  • brionajohnson

    That’s fine I still think that Kobe is great! I look forward to seeing the game tonight…Let’s Go Laker’s Let’s Go!! LOL!

  • pete R0Q

    i agree with kobe! Shannon will win!

  • iitsimran

    Awwh, well thats good! His finger is most likely to be a pain in the ass.

  • skassis

    I agree with Kobe, he has his turn already, and he won, besides that, he always does the impossible on the court, he is an impressive player, I am just hoping and praying, that his finger will heal at some time, and the back spasm will go away. But I think Shanon got a chance, he is full of energy, and fearless when dunking, Wish him luck. Go Shanon!!!!!

  • mechanixxxx

    I think Kobe is right on point on this one, its good to do it at least once in your career, players seem to have a lot of fun while they are at it.