Kobe Bryant becomes the youngest player to get to 25,000 points, by making a free throw shot against the Cavaliers tonight.

Next on the list for Bryant is Lakers great Jerry West (25,192) and former Indiana Pacers guard Reggie Miller (25,279). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA’s career leader with 38,387 points.

  • fnmamba24

    Congrats Kobe! I’m happy that you have this record! 25,000 pts is a major accomplishment on your skill and talent to last so many years! This is your league now and you are on the best there is in the game. 4x Champion, Gold Medalist, MVP, Allstar and the youngest to 25,000! Lets go for that 5x Champion!

  • kobebestever

    nice job kobe. this shows me how hard and how dedicated you are to the game you love to play. now kobe please kobe take over that number1 spot

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/joana/ joana

    congrats kobe!!!!

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  • sevenjbra

    Man congrats Kobe on your milestone. But i am highly disappointed! Not at you..i mean you dropped 31 with a broken finger and sore back..but cmon lamar odom on defense on Lebron in the 4th..not puttin a hand up or nothin!! If we see them in the finals, I KNOW, the results will be different! Good job though Bean….we will bounce back…

  • laurah1724

    Congrats Kobe on 25,000 points!!!!! love ya, muah :)

  • brionajohnson

    I have to say that “You” Kobe are outstanding and I look up to you; you inspire me to play harder each time I get on the court. I’ve checked out your tips on basketball and they’ve helped me out a lot my skills have transformed tremendously! Thanks Kobe!

    Your Number One Fan,

    Briona Johnson

  • brionajohnson

    WOW 25,000 points that’s Great!!! Outstanding!!!

  • kb24fan


  • http://kobebryant.com/members/waunie/ Waunie Wilson

    Congrats Kobe!!!!!

  • skassis

    Congratulations Kobe, sure you are thirsty for more,your passion and your strong will, is going to drive you to another Championship, all the best to come. Congrats from the heart. Go Kobe!!!!

  • musicsmyweapon

    Congratulations Kobe, you are the BEST in the nba, and dont let LeBron spoil ur victory.. it was mere luck that they one, pau didnt play as effecitvely and that is the ONLY reason y u guys were behind.. BECAUSE U WERE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. KB24 ALL DA WAY!

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  • mAgzz

    should chase magic and kareem to be the best laker or the best player to play the game!!!

  • dodginglakes23

    Congratulations KayBee, just another milestone in your journey to become LEGENDARY. Mvp Mvp A.K.A KOBE BRYANT envy me.