Hope everyone got a good look at Kobe’s shoes on Monday night against the Orlando Magic.  The MLK colorway really shows how Kobe and Nike are stepping up there game to make the Zoom V’s the best shoe out there. Can’t wait to see whats next.

  • kobebestever

    its nice i guess. i dont know why they hyped it and then just tell us at the end that they are a player edition shoe. wont be mad if they never come out because kobe should never make a shoe with green on it.

  • Venti Quattro

    ** correction **
    The players should sell their unique MLK edition shoes, and give money to help Haiti!! Just an idea! I know I would pay crazy $$$ since those special edition shoes were only made for the NBA players who represent Nike!!!!

  • kobebestever

    that would be great idea. i actually thought of selling my kobe venoms and give the money to haiti

  • freshprince

    actually that is a great idea..i would want to help haiti but to be honest and this is not a knock..i had my own issues this past year. so if i am helping out i aint brad pitt..i need some incentive to do a good deed. put these out for 200 and use the proceeds to help haiti..everyone wins..nice shoes!

  • kb24greatness

    exactly what kobebestever said! no green on your sneaks mt bryant

  • jmauro

    not really feeling these shoes….has nothing to do with MLK imo…