Check out the Lakers play the Cavaliers tomorrow night at 5pm in Cleveland.  See if Kobe can break the 25,000 point mark.

  • Venti Quattro

    I am SOOOO ready for this game!! I was at Staples Christmas Day… I want Revenge!!! Don’t make me throw my foam finger at T.V!!! Go LAKERS!!!

  • jmauro

    Kobe, and the Lakers, need a big win! 25,000 pts here we come!

  • R3NST3R

    it will be a really good game

  • jiantingkb24

    kobe,come on.i want to see a best kobe in the game.i know you can do it,because you are mr mvp.

  • andrewsapega

    Yo guys it’s time to bring a victory over Cavs!!! To take a redemption for defeat on christmas!!! Kobe for 81 again!!!

  • Diana

    go go up

  • kobebestever

    c’mon lakers lets get em. you guys played to nice on christmas and ended up getting whooped

  • Armando-MVP

    Kobe is gonna kill Lebron tonight! redeem him self from that stupid loss last time in LA…
    GO KOBE!! MVP!!

  • skylar

    i will be at that game tonigt :)
    kb24 yeah baby

  • NiNaRoSs

    Bring it ooooooooooon!!! Lets go LAKERS!!!!!! =D

  • lukasz

    LEEET’SSSSssssss GOoOOO LAKERS !!!!!

  • iluvkb24

    :(..Aaah man im gonna B @ wrk…but ill def sneak n use my NBA app…JUst do ur thing BLACK MAMBA…’IF’ lebron is king, THEN KOBE UR GOD!….LETS GO LAKERS!

  • Waunie Wilson

    I definately smell 25,000 after that Christmas game

  • skassis

    I won’t be able to watch the game, it is upseting, but the lakers know maybe Cleveland will the team to beat now, and maybe again in the final, you have been playing solid, be aggressive, you can beat them. Go Lakers, and Go Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakergirl24

    KOBE ! KOBE ! KOBE ! let’s go LAKERS !!!!!!! :))

  • skassis

    Keep the defense in control,get the rebounds,focus on your shots, no fear, Go Lakers.

  • KobeFan Jay

    Congrats to Kobe for being the youngest to get to 25,000. That was a game we easily could have, and probably should have, won. I’m disappointed but it’s just a regular season game. We were in a good position to win late, in Cleveland. A couple of made freethrows at the end and that would have been a W.

  • KobeBryant1Fan

    was a awesome game
    January 21 2010

  • lilazn04

    i jsut came back from vacation and in time to watch this game. however, i was disappointed at the results. hopefully the lakers can redeem themselves

  • p4nos24

    it’s a shame that while lakers are the best with that loss in cleveland permit to some people or journalists to believe and wrtite articles that lebron and cavs are better than kobe and lakers!!!!!!!!!!and in that way they give the mvp title to lebron!!!!it’s really shame!!!kobe, prove them wrong in the next games and in the all star game!