We want to congratulate Sean Estrada for his winning Kobe moment comment.  Thank you for all of your great comments.

“This is such a tough question because the Mamba makes such great memories every week it seems. However, after some thought I would have to say that my favorite KB24 moment was way back when he was young KB8 in the 2000 NBA finals against the Indiana Pacers. Game 4 in the 2nd half and OT is when Kobe Bean Bryant all but delivered the Laker’s Nation it’s 1st title since Showtime. The Pacers had won game 3 and were looking to tie the series. Shaq gave us a good game but fouled out early in OT and it was up to Kobe to come through in the clutch and cut all hope of the Pacers claiming their first NBA title (and maybe more importantly denying Larry Bird another ring). Of course KB killed it and showed the rest of the NBA that he was ready to bear the crown as the league’s most dominat guard. He finished with 28 points, 5 assists, 4 rebs, 2 blocks, and a steal. What made this performance legit also was the fact that Kobe did all this with a bad ankle after he had hurt it in game 2. Yet another showcase of his toughness and unquenching warrior spirit as Vic the Brick would probably say.”

Here is a taste for those who may have forgot:

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    Congratulations to Sean Estrada, that moment will always be stuck in Kobe’s mind, his first championship , he took it in his hand, and where his journey began to become a champ. Great choice.

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    You are the greatest player KOBE.

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    nice stuff man. nice taking it back to the #8 days.

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    great comment. i totally agree.

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    Congratulations Men !

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    Congrats Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    congrats sean!! nice choice..go kobe!!

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    congratulations mrs.kobe

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    Felicidades Sean!!!

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    good job ko

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    Congrats Mr.Fadeaway 😀