news_NIKELIVE and The Lakers Nation have teamed up to give a lucky fan a chance to attend Nike Live with Kobe Bryant this Saturday!

Get to know 24 on and off the court and hear from the man himself about  his newest signature shoe that is the lowest and lightest basketball  shoe ever: Nike Zoom Kobe V .

Kobe will be taking questions from his fans all over the world, and  he’ll answer them live on stage during the event.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling us your favorite Kobe Bryant moment and why. We’ll pick the best (and most compelling) answer! Contest ends Friday at 12:00 noon, PST.

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  • teeejaybarnes

    My favorite Kobe Bryant moment has to be when Kobe had four 50 plus point games in a row. This is my favorite moment because Kobe was beginning to gain the rep of a dirty player and all he did, after his suspension, was prove to the world that he can do it the right way. Kobe showed the world that he’s not a dirty player and has no reason to be!!

  • Lakers24fan

    I would have to say that my favorite Kobe Bryant moment occured on January 22,2006 when Kobe scored the astonishing 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. I was lucky enough to be at the Staples Center that night with my cousin. It was just awesome to be there to witness the crowd going crazy and to see Kobe score the second highest points in NBA history. I have been to other games before but that night was special not only for Kobe fans but for the entire league. I will get never forget the energy and the loud chants. The energy coming from the crowd was just incredible. I can’t even describe what it felt like to be there that night. I just think that night will stand out forever as the night that Kobe blew us all away.

  • 2 Live & Die In LA

    I’ll keep it short and sweet! His 81 pt game!
    Firstly, after the debacle that was Colorado & the sponsors pulling out (pun intended)…..
    Kobe found himself again, reinvented his identity and then single handedly put it on the Raps…
    He showed how hard work, perseverance & dedication can lead to success…even if it was on a individual level…
    but doesnt each individual have to do his own work, in order for a team to be successful?

    That moment for me solidified Kobe as “back”!
    He didn’t get those points running up the score or letting the opponent score so we could get the ball back…
    It was all within the complexity of the game….(or lack thereof on the part of his teammates)….

    The Black Mamba has come such a long way from the child who got traded for Divac.

    I love Kobe and would love to meet him and maybe even have him sign a shoe someday…

    thanks for having this contest, I hope I win. If not, I hope someone elses dream to meet the Mamba comes true.

    Good lookin out KB24!

  • Nareg Burr

    For a few reasons my favorite Kobe moment was game 4 of the 2004 Western Conference Semi-Finals. It was such a pivotal game because the Spurs smoked us in games 1 and 2 and in game 3 we came back and made a HUGE statement. If you can recall, Kobe had to spend the day in Colorado that day and was able to leave court early enough to get back in time for the game. Even up until that day Phil didn’t know if Kobe would even start. Low in behold Kobe just went nuts on the Spurs D and dropped 42 in the most demoralizing fashion, he was scoring from all over and the Lakers came back from a 10 point deficit to win the game. For some reason that one always stick out for me, but a close second was game 6 of last years Western Conference Finals against Denver, where I saw Kobe maybe with the best COMPLETE game of his career. He was scoring and finding people from all angles, he wanted that game, the Lakers knew it, Denver knew it and everyone watching knew it. Wow, I am so lucky to be a fan and to be able to go to games and see this man in action. I have had the privileged of meeting him a few times and he has always been pretty cool with me and I am glad I get to share my passion and enthusiasm on here! Lets go for the repeat!!

  • LakersMC

    My favorite Kobe moment was a 1996 preseason game vs Denver where he did a crossover at the 3 point line, and dunked over 2 Nuggets in traffic. I hadn’t seen a move like that ever. The whole Laker bench was up & yelling. The reason I remember it so well was because that was the moment I realized Kobe would be something special & that was the moment I realized Kobe would live up to all the hype – both of which turned out to be true!

  • zae24

    Kobe a.k.a black Mamba Bryant dude your the best player i ever witnessed with my own two eyes.You have had the most amazing career ive seen in all my years.I was amused when you won your three rings and then you just pop out of no where and hit 81 points on the Raptors on January 22,2006 i didnt watch that game but when i heard that you did that i was so glad for you man and then you did it again with 61 points at the Madison Sqaure Garden on the date of Febuary 2,2009 in shock i was thinking in my head i wonder whats next.I mean you surpassed Bernard King 60,Micheal Jordan55,Jamal Crawford 52 amazing is word for all of that.You turned the booing fans into believers,It would be a honor more than and honor a dream come true if I had just 1 chance to meet the man behind the miricales.And you hit ur fans again including me when you and the famous l.a.lakers won the n.b.a championship again i was so happy i didnt know what to do.Four ring and going on five all i hath to say on that is hail to the king of nba.I dont own a jersey by you i dont have anything by you but the heart of your realist fan alive.Lebron James is a very good player but our the best Mr.Bryant i love man lets get this fifth ring.

  • adel07

    My favorite Kobe Bryant moment is when Kobe Bryant hit a buzzer shot against the bucks. Its my favorite moment because first he missed it then thought to himself I can make this shot, so he put everyone on there feet at the last second and made it.

  • lakergirls24

    Kobe when you hear the name you associate it automatically with Kobe Bryant. When a game is on the like over 90% of the coaches of all NBA teams voted him to take the last shot with a game on the line. Kobe has demonstrated his persistence and focus last year on his quest for his fourth ring which he did achieve. My favorite moment of Kobe would be the last second shot against Miami this year. I was watching the game at home and everyone I was watching it with left the room but I would not leave I knew Kobe had something left up his sleeve. And he did exactly what I assumed he would do he never gave up that the game was over and even though the off balance shot was almost impossible to make he had a strategy to throw the basketball behind him and he banked it off the back board. When the game was over my friends asked how much we lost by when we won they were so shocked but I explained how he is just the best basketball player alive and how he can accomplish anything because he sets his mind to do it. KOBE is just amazing and he is even still playing some of the best basketball of his career even with his injuries. My thought is that the rest of the league should be so afraid for when Kobe is healthy. WATCH OUT MAMBA IS ATTACKING!

  • Lakers24fan

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard if a winner has been announced yet?
    Good luck to everyone that entered :)

  • otie2324

    my favorite kobe bryant moment is when he made those two buzzer beaters against the portland trailblazers with two miracle threes

  • skassis

    Kobe has a lot of great moments, the most significant and daring that built up the team’s confidence to win the series and the championship last year, in game 3 when Dwight Howard was getting the lakers team in foul trouble, blocking shots, the only person that stopped him was Kobe when he snatch the ball from his hand,and when he didn’t let Howard to dunk,and took the hit. I love to see him smile at all time.

  • KableMan

    There are too many…., but my favorite Kobe Bryant moment other than all the Kobe heroics has to be is on Christmas day (2009) against Cleveland, the Lakers were down 20 in the 4th quarter with only few minutes to go, and Kobe was playing Lock down defense, mainly on Lebron, like it was a playoff game in the closing minutes! Knowing a loss was in hand, Kobe still played like the game was tied. This really demonstrated to me what makes Kobe so special, to be honest it made the loss not as bad for me because Kobe at the end of the day still showed why he is the best in the game! I don’t think there is another player in this league who competes like Kobe Bryant no matter what the situation is.

  • ereeye

    My favorite Kobe moment is yet to come. When I meet him it will be my favorite Kobe moment as well as favorite moment of all times for me. But my favorite Kobe moment so far would be double over time, double buzzer beater I guess. The last shot was crazy and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I don’t think I have ever been more excited than I was when I saw him do that. I think he is the best player on earth, the best player ever to play the game. And also such a great guy. He’s my hero. If I could meet him, It’d surely be the happiest day of my life.

  • KableMan

    I know I am not the only one who wants to meet Kobe, but I pray every night hoping for the one day I could meet him. Please KB24 let my dream come true! You’ve seen my collection, I would love to show Kobe, I also am a huge shoe collector, I own every pair of Kobe shoes!

  • hurricanehugo24

    My favorite of countless Kobe Bryant moments I have, was Kobe’s rookie season, in the 1996-97 Playoffs againts the Utah Jazz, when I remember late in the game Kobe shot two airballs in crunch time and ultimately the Lakers lost that game and the series 4-1. The point is that Kobe was not afraid to take that shot, and from that point I think he has become the greatest clutch player in NBA history, not to mention the best player in NBA history period, but that shows how far Kobe has come and how his hard work and determination paid off, and at this point I just realized that this contest ended 9 hours ago, which is a bummer because I would love to meet Kobe, because I think I am his biggest fan! Anyway I had a good time just writing this comment and reminiscing about Kobe moments and don’t forget to buy the ZOOM KOBE Vs TOMORROW NATIONWIDE AT FOOTLOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kidkobe24

    My favorite moment for Kobe was when he scored 81 points against the Raptors and help the team win at the same time. He proved that he can carry his team at anytime anywhere at any point during the season as he has many times before. The black mamba is dangerous and the venom is ready to spread to kill. The killer instinct in Kobe is like no other player in the game today.

  • kring2x

    kobe is really my favorite.. i remember way back 1997 and im just 11, when i saw him fly during the Slam Dunk Contest in All Star.. i was really amazed by him and because of that i was hooked into basketball and told myself that someday that kobe bryant will be the best.. it happened! he’s always doing all the impossible i guess! but one thing is for sure, i admire Kobe when after everygame and his family was around, he always go to them first.. and one thing i won’t forget was when he offered his Finals MVP trophy to his daughters! it was very touching for me because in every hard work and pain he gets, i knew he’s doing it for his family and fans.. i hate comparngkobe to other players because he is incomparable for me!

  • Venti Quattro

    **2008 Olympics, Gold Medal Game vs. Spain**

    This was a close game and Kobe did what he does best, he came out strong in the last couple of minutes. Towards the end he spilled his venom with a 3 pointer and 1. Mamba represented for the USA and had die hard Boston fans, Cavaliers fans (etc..) cheering for the one and only Black Mamba!

  • saka24

    Favorite moment…When Kobe Bryant took a ball on April 11, 2008 vs Hornets and did double pump reverse dunk also known as DUNK OF THE YEAR!!!
    That dunk was absolutely amazing!!!

    KOBE,LAKERS you guys have to get that ring this season!
    I want to see sign that says “LOS ANGELES LAKERS 2010 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!” and so do others want!!!

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  • joeydoom

    Every time they show him kissing his family after a game. Nothing is better than having the support of your family.

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