It’s a Christmas Day showdown at STAPLES Center between the Lakers (23-4) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (22-8). Tipoff is set for 2pm on ABC and 710ESPN, don’t miss it!

  • spechtacular

    Can’t wait for the game today!!! Let’s show ’em how it’s done. Let’s get that RING!!!

  • Tibetan champatenzen

    Well, today is not luck!

  • karinaskov

    i’m pissed right now, i just saw the game. man! sorry. come again, and remeber no matter what you’ll ALWAYS have me as your fan! (-:

  • joana

    it is a bad day!!!!kobe your the best its just a bad bad bad day!!cleveland they have a lucky day wait for lakers redemption!!!!!merry Christmas kobe i love you!!!!!

  • andrewsapega

    Kobe Bryant you are hero of the game!!! Only real man can play with such injury and do so much as you do!!! Fans all over the world and of course me belive and love you!!! I live far away in Russia but thanks to your talent I really love the game of basketball!!!

  • datrutrhserum

    I didn’t want to come across as being critical or anything like that. I liked how you went to Olajuwon and added some post moves to your arsenal; the way you prepare each summer for the new NBA season is motivational.

    I think this year’s Lakers team can win a second champsion and become another dynasty, but only if the team maximizes its talent and domination over every team.

  • mamiller09

    Nobody step-up in the big game on Xmas!!


  • kobelove1234

    kobe u did great but sorry for the lose. that ref was the worst!!

  • kerim03

    kobe is the best i respect leborn james but kobe is better

  • jesseluvslakers

    Kobe and the team played great! We might have lost, but they still played great. Kobe is sooo much better than LeBron!

  • json307

    I’m not gonna lie, that was pitiful effort yesterday. We ran no plays and played a bunch of 1 on 1 ball. Kobe I love you and you are the Greatest of All Time in my opinion, but we need to play more team ball. We need to crash it into Pau and Bynum more

  • kobelove1234

    that was the most collist vid EVER!!!

  • 1kobefan

    we will beat them next time (:

  • bingzhi

    To win or to lose, is just in a game. There will be more games coming. The real winner, will never stopped by a losing game.

  • Venti Quattro

    Still hurting…. =(

  • kaylo24

    better luck next time………