After playing Saturday night against the Utah Jazz with stomach problems, Kobe returned tonight healthy sporting a splint on his fractured index finger.  Nothing like starting this four-game road trip with a win over the Chicago Bulls.

Kobe Bryant scored 42 points, 20 of which were in the first quarter 25 in the half against single coverage as Los Angeles built a 54-48 lead.  Pau gasol who had another big rebounding night scored 10 points and 16 rebounds.

Andrew Bynum added 11 points, Shannon Brown scored seven of his nine in the fourth as Los Angeles came away with the win.

Stay tuned for Wednesday night when the Lakers fly up to Milwaukee to battle the Bucks

  • Oggie.

    daaammn with a fractured index finger,kObe was putting on a show in chicago ..widd 39:06 mins he dropped 42 points,3asst

    ”pass him da dam ball he doesnt even needa a pick at all,and dont worry bout his shot,cause he gunna that off,he drops 40 on ur double team then I drop 81 on another team ..u better guard me wit caution”


  • kobebestever

    i loved every bit of the first quarter. i knew kobe was gonna have a great performance after the loss to utah. i just hope ron ron never has a bad shooting percentage as he did today. good win lakers

  • jankins20

    Kobe was on fire tonite!! Pau Gasol was playing lazy but the Lakers won so that’s all that matters!!

  • teeejaybarnes

    Good win for the Lakers, excellent play by the whole team, especially Kobe. They say the magics have the best bench in the league, which i totally disagree with, but even if they did there starters dont match up with ours, and as far as Boston, they dont have the bench to compete with our. They are old and can not go 7 with the Lakers. BEST TEAM IN THE NBA BY FAR! KOBE BRYANT FOR MVP!

  • lukasz

    Gentelmens, THIS IS BLACK MAMBA 😀 which broken finger ???

  • willie rage

    kobe dropped 42 pts with a broken finger ! wow whos the greatest !

  • kobelove1234


  • jacko

    GO LAKERS I knew you would win good luck next game

  • NiNaRoSs

    Great job guys!!! Keep it up & good luck against the LAME BUCKS!!!!…tonite!!!


  • jaydhil24

    It was a nice performance from the Mamba

  • spechtacular

    Good job champs!!! Let’s get that RING!!!

  • yanebok

    what broker finger? haha, kobe you are the bomb! =)

  • len1427

    kobe all day baby! amazing game winning shot against the bucks too that boy gets his vitamins

  • bighersch

    He probably could’ve dropped 42 with the lefty.