• marcomanipon


  • http://kobebryant.com/members/freshprince/ freshprince

    nice interview!!! hopefully we get a nice black/purple and gold shoe..liked the background with the gold over the yellow!! not sure i love the cleat look to be honest but it is growing on me!

  • kobebestever

    kobe is the best on the court and wayne is just crazy on the mic, best rapper in the game right now. o yeah i would love one of those watch s haha. hope your listening santa haha

  • kb24greatness

    My man! im loving that last question on who is winning u or lebron!!! Get em KOBE!!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/kobe2pac/ The Realest

    The way Kob talks about these shoes, i dont no why every basketaball player doesnt where his shoes. He makes it seem like its the perfect shoe for a B-Ball Player.Im not big on playing basketball alot no more, so im just looking for a tight looking shoe that i can rock and these new Kob shoes aint really attractive to me, hopefully Kob and Nike focus on the look more, cause in my opinion the Tightest looking Kobe shoe was the Hurrache 2ks and that was years ago.

  • lukasz

    -yeahh yeah of course Kobe, YOU’RE WINNING !! heheheh 😀

    -Kobe Zoom V – nice, very nice !!

  • kobelove1234


  • jaydhil24

    I am liking the Zoom V hopefully you will be able to id the shoes.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/yanebok/ yanebok

    nice vid, of course kobe, you’re winning!!! go lakers..=)

  • team

    LET’S GO KOBE !!!
    You beat the buzzer again last night. IT’S INCREDIBLE !!!

  • bighersch

    Yeah he will for sure take it to Lebron. I want to see some black mamba tee shirts. On the court Kobe isn’t human. He’s from Saturn, where those rings be at. Ya dig!!!!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/armandomvp/ Armando-MVP

    ‘I’m winning..’ plain and simple! Kobe is fefinitley winning!

  • lanespunkie

    I love the videos!!!! My hunny looks so handsome as always & there is nothing that my baby cannot do :)He does everything. Hey Kobe, when will you be doing a girl color version of the Zoom V? Doesn’t matter anyways because I will be buying. Congrats on the 4-1 road trip win…

  • deadendrage

    lol no hesitation “I’m winning.” Damn right.

  • jesseluvslakers

    I’m loving the shoes. Of course you’re winning!!!