BEAVERTON, Ore. (December 8, 2009) – Nike (NYSE: NKE) and Kobe Bryant today announced the debut of the Nike Zoom Kobe V, the brand’s lowest-profile and lightest basketball shoe to date. Bryant challenged Nike to make his signature shoe even lighter and lower than the Nike Zoom Kobe IV he debuted during his 2008-2009 championship season. Nike responded with the Nike Zoom Kobe V, which features a 10 mm forefoot profile and weighs 10.6 ounces – one ounce lighter than the Nike Zoom Kobe IV.

“I wanted to push the envelope with a shoe that meets the demands of my style of play,” Bryant said. “The Kobe V is lighter, lower and more stable. Nike has done it again.”

Different sports, similar demands

The initial inspiration for Kobe’s low-profile shoe came from an unexpected place: the soccer field. “I watch a lot of soccer and have seen how the best footballers in the world make sharp cuts at top speed in lightweight, low-cut footwear,” Bryant said. “The demands they make on their feet and ankles aren’t that different from what I’m doing on the court, yet nobody assumes they should play in high tops.”

With Bryant’s observation as inspiration, the Nike Sports Research Lab conducted hundreds of hours of testing to create a low-profile shoe that did not compromise stability or lockdown. By modifying the medial arch and sculpting the external heel counter, Nike researchers created a shoe with exceptional performance that moves with the foot and allows for multi-directional cutting. An enhanced outrigger provides lateral stability, while the de-coupled heel maximizes contact surface. The shoe also features a glass/carbon fiber weave shank plate for mid-foot control and rigidity.

“The journey from a high-top to a low-top basketball shoe is far more complex than simply cutting off the ankle collar, as we demonstrated with the Nike Zoom Kobe IV,” said Matt Nurse, Senior Researcher with the Nike Sports Research Lab. “With the Kobe V we constructed an even lighter-weight support system that provides superior, one-to-one lockdown while moving with the foot, not against it.”

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  • kobebestever

    man am loving this exact kobe 5 shoe. i kinda like them more then the 4s. lets just hope this shoe can be remembered as a championship shoe also

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/mamba24/ Roberto Blanco

    I cant wait to have a fresh pair!!!
    so much technology!!!

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  • spechtacular

    The V’s look SiCk!!!! i can’t wait til January! Let’s get that RING!!!

  • kobelakersfan24

    So when is this shoe going to be released, I can’t wait

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/freshprince/ freshprince

    i like the kbv joker cw the best so far..do prefer the iv though!!!

  • bryantb

    i hear yah man… this shoe rocks! Hope they win another ring this season. but i want the chaos color way. Does anybody know where i can get my hands on a pair of kobe V chaos?

  • fnmamba24

    wonderful design, I love how you can NikeiD the shoe with the Kobe CODE…fantastic!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/renz824/ R3NST3R

    u like this more than iv? u serious?!

  • aaron24

    love it!

  • k08e24

    This shoes is going to be so phenomenal like the previous one…..Greatest shoes for the greatest player on earth…the Black Mamba….number 24….

  • kobe8

    the new kobe 5 are awesome i already got a pair already man there awesome

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/waunie/ Waunie Wilson

    Cool design on the bottom

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/mochi323/ Mochi323

    Looking forward for these to come out. I love all the little details in these kicks, the light weight, the nike zoom air and the flywire . Its all HEART baby… I can’t wait

  • len1427

    def looking forward to get these shoes, feel like the iv were an amazing shoe, hoping that these are even better.

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/naregburr/ Nareg Burr

    Cant wait for the chaos edition to come out!!

  • pdub808

    Even lower cut & an ounce lighter?! Didn’t think they can go dat far, really would test your ankle. Still like the KB Hurrache 2K4 most… ok I know it wasn’t his official sig kickz, but I still play in them till now.

  • jankins20

    These are real slick!!! I’m getting myself and my son some of these!!!

  • ezdoesitpro

    Im most definitely getting these as soon as they drop! I already designed my away and home versions on Nike iD! lol

  • jacko

    sweet as hell look amazing

  • mamba1bze

    need these for my collection

  • p4nos24

    i prefer kbziv to kbzv however i would like to buy it!!!

  • p4nos24

    however i don’t know if the kbzv sole is good enough for outdoor activity like the hyperdunk were!!
    beucause i play both type of courts and especially at school!!if someone know i would like tou inform me please!

  • mamiller09

    can’t wait to get a pair of sweet shoes !!!!

  • mamiller09

    can’t wait to get a pair of those sweet shoes !!!!

  • p4nos24

    the only thing that i don’t like is that in kbzv cuts the nike swoosh…….