Tomorrow, December 8, Kobe will unveil the Zoom Kobe V. nikebasketball.com will have real-time coverage of the launch event on Twitter – make sure to follow nikebasketball all day.

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    mann.. this should be cool

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    It would have been cool to have an invite party for the members to go along with the launch event.

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    hell yea! Bring them out! I’m excited

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    I can’t wait to get the official stats on the shoe

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    im not digging the Vs tho..
    the IVs will be like the jordan Xis.. the most successful ever!

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    the Vs look like my tennis shoes or the NIKE CORTEZ hahaa

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    Bring em out BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    can’t wait for the V’s… Whooohoooo !!!!

  • team

    OH yeah !!!
    I’ll get one for sure. I have been waiting for it.

  • dfbellamy

    Hey, Kobe, just visiting LA for 3 weeks; here on a business trip. Not a huge basketball fan, but have an 84 year old aunt in Marion, SC (near Myrtle Beach)who adores herself some Kobe. She knows all your Stats. Being you guys are 3 hours behind us, she will literally stay up to watch your games, sometimes the games aren’t over until 1:00AM, this is a big sacrifice for her being that she has Narcolepsy! But she loves herself some Kobe. If you every get a chance write her some time. Leatha Spry, 725 Gibson St, Marion, SC 29574
    Submitted by her niece, Debi

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    hell to the damn yes. what time does this thing all starts at

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    yea…so excited! i hope zoom kobe 5 cool..

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    lol man i swear kobe gets all my money !

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    i agree with jmauro……. i want kobe upclose personally…….. kobe MVP

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    Im excited as hell!!! Performance should be nasteeh!!!

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    cant wait!!

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    I love my Zoom IV’s. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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    cant wait to see them

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    like the joker..i prefer the iv but sure…new season..bring on the V!!!

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    Whole lot of nothing going on w/ this twittered event. It started with “Live coverage of the Zoom Kobe V launch event begins in just over two hours. Stay tuned.” to “Almost time to see what’s behind the curtain.”… in the span of 5 hours!!!

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    Yea, that would’ve been fresh to let us go see that …

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    “Webcast, no. Tweetcast, yes.”… What!?! This is Whack!!!

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    oh boy i cant wait

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    d&%$#t, missed it! >={

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    i think Kobe should make a limited pair for all his fan on his site.. and ship em to us.. that would be BRILLIANT.. think about Kobe.. lol

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    The kobe IV were great the kobe V should be even better!

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    Those shoes are beautiful!

  • fnmamba24

    Nike and Kobe launch new Zoom Kobe V, Lower & Lighter
    December 09, 2009 (USA)

    Nike and Kobe Bryant announced the debut of the Nike Zoom Kobe V, the brand’s lowest-profile and lightest basketball shoe to date. Bryant challenged Nike to make his signature shoe even lighter and lower than the Nike Zoom Kobe IV he debuted during his 2008-2009 championship season. Nike responded with the Nike Zoom Kobe V, which features a 10 mm forefoot profile and weighs 10.6 ounces – one ounce lighter than the Nike Zoom Kobe IV.

    “I wanted to push the envelope with a shoe that meets the demands of my style of play,” Bryant said. “The Kobe V is lighter, lower and more stable. Nike has done it again.”

    Different sports, similar demands

    The initial inspiration for Kobe’s low-profile shoe came from an unexpected place: the soccer field. “I watch a lot of soccer and have seen how the best footballers in the world make sharp cuts at top speed in lightweight, low-cut footwear,” Bryant said. “The demands they make on their feet and ankles aren’t that different from what I’m doing on the court, yet nobody assumes they should play in high tops.”

    With Bryant’s observation as inspiration, the Nike Sports Research Lab conducted hundreds of hours of testing to create a low-profile shoe that did not compromise stability or lockdown. By modifying the medial arch and sculpting the external heel counter, Nike researchers created a shoe with exceptional performance that moves with the foot and allows for multi-directional cutting. An enhanced outrigger provides lateral stability, while the de-coupled heel maximizes contact surface. The shoe also features a glass/carbon fiber weave shank plate for mid-foot control and rigidity.

    “The journey from a high-top to a low-top basketball shoe is far more complex than simply cutting off the ankle collar, as we demonstrated with the Nike Zoom Kobe IV,” said Matt Nurse, Senior Researcher with the Nike Sports Research Lab. “With the Kobe V we constructed an even lighter-weight support system that provides superior, one-to-one lockdown while moving with the foot, not against it.”

    Lightweight performance technologies evolved

    Building off the success of the Nike Zoom Kobe IV, Nike Performance Footwear Creative Director Eric Avar wanted to further reduce the weight of the shoe while still enhancing support and stability.

    “For the Kobe V, we started with the science and performance elements and built from there,” Avar said. “We wanted this shoe to be a true reflection of his game and persona. As Kobe continues to evolve as an athlete, so will the footwear we create for him.”

    The Nike Zoom Kobe V also features a lighter, stronger version of Nike’s innovative Flywire technology, that’s strategically placed to perform like synthetic tendons while cradling the foot like a second skin. The shoe’s overlays were bonded with heat welding, which is lighter, more consistent, and less abrasive than traditional stitching. Nike Zoom units in the heel and forefoot, as well as lightweight Phylon-injected midsole, provide a cushioning system that reduces pounding without adding bulk or weight.

    Bryant’s input and inspiration was also instrumental in shaping the aesthetics of the Nike Zoom Kobe V. Avar and the design team in Nike’s Innovation Kitchen incorporated aspects of Bryant’s game and personality into every detail in the shoe. The heartbeat traction pattern on the outsole is inspired by the heart, passion and self-described “maniacal will” Bryant brings to the court. The dot-matrix symbol on the front edge of the outsole – found throughout Bryant’s footwear and apparel product this season — represents a codified language sequence. Nike will offer clues to deciphering its meaning throughout the season.

    The Nike Zoom Kobe V will be available first online with a unique Nike iD retail campaign launching December 26, 2009. A broader global brick and mortar retail launch will occur January 1, 2010 in China and January 16, 2010 throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.


    LOW-CUT PROFILE for unrestricted, multi-directional cuts on the court.
    HEAT-BONDED OVERLAYS are lighter, more consistent, and less abrasive than a traditional stitched upper
    PERFORATED TONGUE, vamp and quarter enhance breathability
    HEARTBEAT TRACTION PATTERN is inspired by Kobe’s passion, providing maximum grip on the court using less material
    GLASS/CARBON FIBER WEAVE SHANK PLATE provides mid-foot control and rigidity while the sculpted medial arch design enhances lockdown
    DECOUPLED HEEL maximizes contact surface with optimal motion design
    SCULPTED HEEL COUNTER enhances lockdown
    NIKE ZOOM UNITS in heel and forefoot and injection Phylon in mid-foot provide a superior cushioning system
    FLYWIRE provides medial- and lateral-specific support in a lighter-weight package
    ENHANCED OUTRIGGER stabilizes forefoot, gripping the floor on hard lateral cuts
    KOBE CODE dot matrix language sequence found throughout Kobe product this season
    REINFORCED TOE BOX is ergonomically designed to increase durability

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    another history baby!

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    Men a cant wait for have a Fresh pair….that info its very amazing!!!!
    like BIG fish say…another history baby!!!

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    looks pretty darn sweet these kix. Tons of ID options.

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    What’s with our comments needing to be approved by a moderator? It took a whole day for our comments to appear. How are we suppose to interact with each other?

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    Nike won’t let Kobe release a special kobebryant.com member shoe or have any special allocation for us…sad…

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    These shoes are going to be beast!!! Hope Kobe gets better from his finger and stomach virus. Kobe is the BEST!!!

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    going to be sweet yo rock kobe