The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat last night at the staples center 108-107.  The Black Mamba scored 33 points, but his off-balance bank shot from over Wade’s outstretched hand will definitely rank among the most incredible shots of his career.

The U.S. Olympic teammates were the driving force behind this action packed game, which featured a shoving incident between Lamar Odom and Jermaine O’neal, leading Odom to be ejected.

Pau Gasol scored 22 points and Andrew Bynum added 19 points and eight rebounds for the Lakers, who had won seven straight games by double digits.

The Leakers not only improved their league-best record to 15-3, but won their eighth straight game.

Game Quotes:

“That’s Black Mamba,” said Artest. “I knew he was gonna make it.”

“He was supposed to get the ball, I know that,” said Phil Jackson. “What do you want me to say about it? It’s Kobe.”

  • R3NST3R


  • njbob

    What a stunning moment, electrifying, absolute joy.

    Best player in basketball.

  • juani24kb

    lo vi con mi perrita al partido =)

    genial estuvo…

    grande kobe!

  • thenextkobe

    Mann tht was i wazz screamin and shoutin loud as i can! a good way 2 finish the game

  • mbhkang

    one of the greatest shots ever seen just like mr.clutch (jerry west) kobe has proved himself again for being the next MVP for 2009-2010 season

  • deadendrage

    Man I bet Staples Center bounced like 10 feet when Kobe made that shot. I sure did, Black Mamba strikes again!!!

  • Waunie Wilson

    I was nervous all game, glad the Lakers we’re able to pull it out behind Kobe and Derek’s heroics!!

  • mszbryant

    & the haters keep on hating, hmph.
    Kobeee foreverrr! <3

  • ripjf24

    wow that was such an impreesive shot fading to the left off balance and from 3 wow

  • joten

    No one is more clutch than number 24.

  • lovekobe24

    what you Kobe haters got to say now? he is the man!!

  • KobeFan Jay

    MVP, MVP, MVP!!!

  • lukasz

    yeahh yeah “IT’S KOBE” and “THAT’S BLACK MAMBA” 😀 😀 amazing shoot !!!! I LOVE LA !

  • aaron24 amazing shot Mr.24.. LOVE IT! since im watching in the TV…Im so sad cuz the lakers will gonna lose…but trust my idol…but he made an amazing shot…i was so happy…jumping2 in my house! 😀

  • rebs24

    whooaaa! .. KOBE is The BEST!!!

  • tsparks

    wow this guy is icredible that must be the shot of the year man.BLACK MAMBA!!!!

  • fatima

    to be honest, i wasn’t expecting us to win the game, or that shot by kobe to go in….

    but well, he’s kobe. Amen

  • samir

    It was miracle…..svaka čast Kobi….Greeting for Kobe from SARAJEVO-Bosnia and Herzegovina…EUROPE

  • Armando-MVP

    I went NUTS when I watched the game and he hit that shot.
    off-balanced, fadeaway, one-leged, D-wade all over him in his face, only 3 seconds left buzzer beating, game winning 3333333333-POINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilovekb24

    OMG!!!! Kobe is A-mazing. joy, elation, excitement is what i felt wen i saw the beat-the-buzzer, everything-was-wrong-but-everything-was-right, falling-to-the-left, off-balanced kinda 3-point shot. Gotta love the Mamba! i love u Kobe!!!!!

  • michelle

    That was an amazing game to watch usually im not a laker’s fan but i happened to watch it and enjoy it you are a superstar.

  • kobebestever

    hey thats why he is the best ever to play the game. i just love how i was calm during the whole game because kobe wont let us lose.

  • Nareg Burr

    I was there and saw it in person!!

  • nikemc

    How can ANYONE AFFORD to hate on this PRICELESS sportsmanship …BLACK MAMBA=good to the last drop …AND ONE!!!! Much Respect! Go KOBE Go!!!!
    ~NIKEeta …IT JUST DOES!!!!!

  • team

    Go! Kobe !!!
    It’s AMAZING !!


  • kobelove1234

    that was amazing cluch go kobe

  • elver

    men- you are the best -., -., i am from colombia -.,

  • jennanoelani

    That was a ridiculous shot! I def. thought it wasn’t going in, but then again it’s Kobe so it’s likely possible. It was a good game.

  • brandonb

    Kobe….That was sweeeet!!! Miami….be prepared for when we meet…you WILL be beat!!!

  • bryantb

    whooooohoooooo!!!! That shot was sick! (awesome!) Go kobe!

  • bryantb

    hey can anyone teach me how to blog? creating a blog is still disabled in my account.

  • The Realest

    Imagine if Kob did this against Boston in Staples Game 7 2010, WOW, But instead of a Bank, he would shoot the three with a swish.

  • marcomanipon

    “The Leakers not only improved their league-best record to 15-3, but won their eighth straight game”

    — Everything went great except for that “Leaker” typo. Yeah, KB is clutch.

  • bbutler24

    There is little that inspires me more than to watch a Laker game, in particular, Kobe Bryant. There is nothing that Jordan did that Kobe can’t do. If he’s not THE best ever, he’s tied for the best ever. Thank you Kobe for letting us follow you night in and night out on your historical career! I think I speak for many thousands of people when I say, what you bring to the game of basketball is GREATLY appreciated.

  • spechtacular

    Yeah…Kobe is BEYOND AMAZING!!!! Oh yeah…let’s not forget about Fisher. Without that clutch 3 pointer our man KB24 wouldn’t have had the opportunity to thrill us all once again!!! Let’s get that ring!

  • eve

    that’s why he’s simply the best!
    always giving impressive games.

  • LuVn KoBe BrYaNt (:

    And that explains 09-10 Championship Lol

  • justsloan11

    Just amazing. Ahh it just brings back memories from that 06′ playoff game against the Suns, when he hit the game winner just a little further in from the elbow of the freethrow line box. Vintage Kobe. Gotta RESPECT the mans game. You may not like him as a person but as a basketball player there is no denying he is the BEST. KB24 AKA The Black Mamba.

  • kobe8

    kobe is the greatest basketball now i mean no one cant not stop him not no one kobe is unstoppable “the black mamba” strikes agains :)

  • LakersMC

    Wow. We take for granted how good KB is. He makes it look routine.

  • willie rage

    cant we say in ya face dwade !

  • Air Apparent

    I never get tired of watching this shot.

  • jvkb24


  • nbaballer22

    Kobe is SICKK

  • nbaballer22

    in couple of years ill be the next black mammba even tho im not black lol :)

  • dongdizzle

    kobe ftw!!! damn, kobe makes it look so easy… keep the W streak going lakers.

  • kobe26

    An amazing play made by an amazing player.

  • NinaRoss

    All I gotta say about that shot is “AMAZING”….freak’n “AMAZING” That game was intense, crazy and just to much that I had to lay back, watch the last seconds go by and then………..SPEACHLESS!!! Literally……SPEACHLESS!! Your freak’n amazing KOBE!!Can’t wait to see what you got up ur sleeve next!! Let’s just go for “ONE MORE COOKIE!!” GO LAKERS!!!