The United States Sports Academy has listed Kobe Bryant as one of the finalists for the United Sports Academy’s 2009 Athlete of the year.  Each year The USSA totals up the Academy’s yearlong Athlete if the Month program, then opens up voting to the public.

There are 12 male and 12 female candidates for Athlete of the Year. The Male and Female Athlete of the Year awards will go to the athletes that receive the most votes.

This is how it works:  Voters are asked to select their top three candidates for the award in descending order. First choice is worth five points, second place is three points and third place is one point.

The men’s ballot consists of, in alphabetical order: Craig Alexander, triathlon, Australia; Usain Bolt, track and field, Jamaica; Drew Brees, football, United States; Kobe Bryant, basketball, United States; Angel Cabrera, golf, Argentina; Roger Federer, tennis, Switzerland; Santonio Holmes, football, United States; LeBron James, basketball, United States; Jimmie Johnson, auto racing, United States; Manny Pacquiao, boxing, Philippines; Albert Pujols, baseball, Dominican Republic; and Tiger Woods, golf, United States

Voting is open until December 24th, so be sure to visit and cast your vote:

  • kb24greatness

    Mens First would be Kobe Second Tiger Third UsaiN Bolt

  • shaneee24

    I voted you kobe :)
    and pacman then lbj :)

  • lukasz

    He the greatest on the court – KOBE BRYANT #24 😀 NUMBER 1

  • kevobe

    hey people vote for the greatest player to play the gane…….. KOBE……

  • willie rage

    kobe bean bryant of course why ask?

  • kobeschica

    gotta love him!

  • droy7

    Kobe bryant nobody better

  • deadendrage

    Kobe all the way.

  • jeff

    it should be no contest KOBE all the way….kobe is the best.

  • freshprince

    kobe should win this..wanted him to win the SI man of the year..jeter winning i guess is ok..kb should have won it though..he better win this! period!

  • cashmoneykhan

    Kobe all the way!!!!!!!!

  • stephany03

    Kobe Bryant is my best athlete every year.
    But I also gotta give love to Candace Parker, she comes second..Kobe & Candace every year!!!
    What about that sick shot last nite to win it yall,#24:]

  • rebs24

    #1 KOBE! … and my 2nd Vote is PACMAN! .. oraytt!

  • kobelove1234

    KOBE will win it!!!!

  • Air Apparent

    Should this even be a question?

  • jvkb24


  • yanebok

    you are the best! no one else..=)

  • NinaRoss

    The One & Only “Black Mamba”….Mr.Kobe Bryant is the Best Athlete of the Year!! NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!! One More Cookie Baby, One More Cookie!!!



  • auco07

    1st “PACMAN” 2nd kb24 3rd LbJ