For all of you Kobeheads out there:
Kobe will be joining the ‘Live with Landon and teammates’ this Friday, December 4th to show his support for USMNT and love for the game of soccer.

Landon will be joined by his US Men’s National Teammates, Clint Dempsey, Robbie Rogers and Jonathan Bornstein.  ESPN’s Rob Stone will be hosting the live stream so we can get closer look into the lives of the players on 12/4 – the day their opponents are drawn for the World Stage in South Africa.

Be sure to log in and experience it first hand:

  • Lakers2686

    Can’t wait to see it!

  • R3NST3R

    i will be der to support him

  • ripjf24

    when can i actually talk to Kobe? We were suppose to get to ask questions and it doesnt work right just curious

  • willierage

    kobe is the best !

  • LuVn KoBe BrYaNt (:

    Wow Intresting

  • willie rage

    got dwade tommorow ! well handle these cats !

  • zeba24

    that is so cool…i would love to watch them…i am a big fan of soccer also…i missed it..can u guys please put it up on the website!

  • kobe26

    Here’s the video:

    Kobe’s at the 28:00 mark.

  • Air Apparent

    i don’t think kobe was on.