KB24 wants to thank winner KableMan for his photo with his limited edition poster signed by Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony.  Also we have posted a picture of his Kobe collection that reflects the dedication of a true fan.  Mad respect on your collection!

If you got a collection that you want to share, email and get it posted.

  • lukasz

    ooo myy Goddddd, mannn 😐 SHOCK !!!! Respect man !! KOBE 4 EVER !! 😀 😀 😀 OK !!!!

  • fnmamba24

    props Kableman, that is a nice collection. You even have to NBA 2k10 collectors edition poster in there plus a few kicks. Congrats on the poster and on being a member from the old site as well

  • LakersMC

    Congrats, KableMan! Glad you won b/c you are a true KB fan!

  • rayray

    AY, crazy collection bro. Mad props.
    Its always dope seein die hards like me out there reppin KB to the fullest.
    When I get a chance im gonna send in my collection too.
    We got a lot of dudes on here that got crazy collections so lets show them!

  • kb24greatness

    Nice collection!!

  • Jay Meekins

    Congrads. That’s a sick collection.

  • Waunie Wilson

    Wow!! I have to get more Laker and Kobe gears.. I do have a few…

  • Alejandro

    kobe is the best

  • R3NST3R

    oh wow.. this is crazy hahaa

  • pete R0Q

    great collection man

  • Mark C.

    Daaaaaymm!!! Sweet collection Kableman!!! Congrats again on the poster!!! Man a big WOW at that collection!!!!

  • jmauro

    Congrats Kableman!

  • kobelove1234

    WOW i wish i could do that