The Lakers killed it last night with the help of returning player Pau Gasol! With Pau being out for the first 11 games with a hamstring injury, Phil Jackson was only going to play him for 25 min. When Pau entered the game it was as if he never missed a beat, within the first 6 minutes Pau scored the first 10 of the 13 points for the Lakers, setting the tone for the game.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Gasol said. “I wasn’t really expecting to be as effective as I was tonight. I just played and had fun.”

It was a great night to see so many of the players have double digits. Kobe almost scored a triple double with 21 points, 9 rebounds and eight assists. This game put Kobe as the second-leading scorer in Lakers’ franchise history with 24,177 points passing Kareem Adbul-Jabbar with 24,176!

Lakers’ guard Derek Fisher scored two 3 pointers in the third quarter making this his best game of the season. Also with the aid of Ron Artest with his 15 points, and Gasol’s game high 24 points and 13 rebounds it helped drive this victory home, beating the Bulls 108 – 93.

  • lukasz

    LA BASKETBALL !! that’s all

  • Patricia Stokes

    I was so happy to see Pau back in the lineup last night. He came out and really played well and didn’t seem rusty at all. All I have to say is Let’s go Lakers!!!!!
    :) :)

  • lakersboy

    Lakers are going to be unstoppable with Pau back!!!

  • Waunie Wilson

    Congrats moving up to 2nd place on all-time Lakers Scoring Kobe!!!

  • RissaMissa

    Pau looked great. it’s amazing how different the Lakers look with Pau back in the mix. GO LAKERS!!

  • R3NST3R

    whooo!! another victory!

  • kobechannel
  • abhirockster

    Go Kobe!!