Last nights winning game against the Pistons was definitely one to watch!  Kobe who suffered from a strained right groin added another 40 point game to his record making it his 100th!  He also made one of the sickest twisting, turning, no look layups over Kwame Brown ever seen.

With the help of Andrew Bynum with 17 points and 12 rebounds for his eighth double-double, Jordan Farmar with 10 in reserve roles, and Shannon Brown with 12 points, the Lakers made their 106-93 victory over the Pistons.

Before the game Jackson stated that he believed Bryant’s groin injury to be so severe and so limiting he might be forced to sit out a game or two this week. After the show that Kobe put on leading the team to their victory this is the statement that he had.

“That’s the kind of effort he gives,” said Jackson, who initially feared Bryant’s groin injury could sideline him for several games. “It’s a remarkable trait he has. It’s what sets him apart from other players.”

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game to see what Kobe and the Lakers have in store for all of us fans!

Check out the Lakers play the Chicago Bulls at 7:30pm on TNT

  • R3NST3R

    HELL YAH! they cant stop KOBE baby…

  • msyed24

    I am going to the Lakers Bulls game 😀

  • iLLWiLL20

    Will Bynum is a hooper.

    Good game by the Lake show and if Shannon would of caught that bang on Maxiell it would of been the dunk of the year!!!

    We get Pau back tonight!!!!!

    Lets Go Lakers!!!!

  • ys172818

    great game

  • louiskb24

    Go Kobe and go Lakers!