The Lakers put up a strong fight in Denver Friday night for a back-to-back game against the Nuggets.  For the first half they moved the ball well and played solid defense, leading the first half with 19 points was Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum with 10 points and 8 rebounds.  Ron Artest played great defense on Carmelo, only allowing him to score most of his points when the Lakers key players were sitting on the bench.  With the final score being 105 – 79, we now just need to look ahead at tomorrow’s game and play harder.

Bryant said. “I don’t know if we had Pau it would have made any difference. They played extremely well.”

Here are some stats from the game:

Kobe Bryant with 19 points

Ron Artest with 11 points and 6 assists

Andrew Bynum with 19 points and 15 rebounds

Everyone tune to support the Lakers this Sunday!

Sunday, November 15th – Houston Rockets at 6:30pm

  • Armando-MVP

    man I thought Kobe would go for 40 after scoring 19 in the first… that would be awesome (again)

  • Clutch

    i would like to forget that was quiet awful

  • fnmamba24

    That was a beatdown that the nuggets put down on us. Good thing its only the start of the season, we’ll pick it up once Pau heals and we’re rested. Good win for Melo, its a big deal to beat the Champs. Everyone is gunning for us and Kobe knows it. We wont win all the games but its going to take everything you got and then some to beat us. We’ll beat them next time.

  • renz824

    Im sorry but losing by more than 20 points is not a strong fight.. We were obviously out played and we had no answer for Melo and Jr Smith

  • team

    I don’t like Denver at all. Last night Lakers were tired that’s why.

  • coleni24

    nice game Kobe,Ron,Andrew

  • bryantb

    yah. i was really sad they lost the game. but it’s still early for everything else. What matters most is the playoffs. As long as kobe and the lakers will play really good this playoffs then i’m not worried.


  • Kobe Lover

    not to sound negative, but losing by over 25 isnt considered putting up a strong fight. They played horrible and the score is reflective of the poor effort they put out on Fri night. and then last night to lose to Houston? I expect more of the Lakers and I hope everyone else does also.

  • oggie

    That was a great game with a solid defense in the first half , yall could of destroyed them..theres always next time tho’


  • bigzoe03

    Really the only thing I want to know is how in the hell do we only score 8 f’ing points in the 3rd qrt??

  • jameslakers

    go to espn and click rumors
    it says Gasol had a great practice and could be back on Thursday
    even if hes not back then its more promising than Phil Jackson’s not till Christmas comment
    (comment peace)