The Lakers played great basketball last night against the Phoenix Suns!  Kobe put the team ahead early with 12 points by the first-quarter, while the Lakers scored eight points to finish the half ahead 59-49.

The Lakers were still missing Paul Gasol, but gaining Andrew Bynum who came back from his two-game layoff scoring 26 points and taking 15 rebounds.  His arm clearly was feeling just fine sinking 13 of his 18 shots!

“We kind of disturbed their rhythm a little bit,” Bynum said. “They weren’t just freely passing the ball everywhere. Offensively, we pounded it on the inside. We were able to score 78 in the paint. That’s tough for anybody to combat.”

Have to give credit where credit is due and this team last night lit it up!  Josh Powell was extremely helpful off the bench scoring 14 points and 7 rebounds, and Derek Fisher was a defensive god.  Steve Nash would have had another breakout game if it wasn’t for Derek Fisher.  His defense skills against Nash lead to the Lakers defeat the Suns 121-102 and break the Suns four-game winning streak.

“With Steve, you just try to make him work as hard as possible,” Fisher said. “You know he is going to score some points and make some plays. I did tell the coaches that when he did give the ball up, there definitely would be times where I could keep him from getting it back. I felt like that would really impact their ability to execute.”

Cant’s wait to see the Lakers bring it for the rest of the season!

  • Clutch

    great game by everyone…that shannon dunk was incredible!

  • fnmamba24

    that was easy….no challenge at all. There are only 3 teams I really worry about at all: Boston, Cleveland, and the Magic….everyone else is below us.

    i’m ready to see us crush Denver now.

  • slickrick

    the Lakers put a clinic up on does Suns….lol

  • jameslakers

    messed them up bigtime
    Bynum is amazing

  • Mark C.

    This was an awesome game!! Man you could really see Kobe posting almost every possession. He’s just too strong!! J Richardson got so tired defending him he was shorting/front rimming all his J’s. Sweet Victory!!

  • Sam

    hells yea!!! we beat them down =). Tonights game is huge. Go Lakers!!!

  • kidkobe24

    What a game this was. KB scored 29 points and his team is starting to click with Artest.

  • kokobware

    two nuts in a bucket…….lets do it again

  • lukasz

    OK great, but today Denver kick Lakers ass !!!!! :/ :/

  • kobefan95

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ronbra

    great game. Need Pau back for celts!!!!!!!!

  • renz824

    we KILLED the Suns!

  • kblover

    i think kobe has all the help he can get but they just need to toughen up a little