Welcome to the new KB24!  As you have noticed we will be migrating data from the old site to the new kobebryant.com.  Combined with the new look we have made our main focus in this site being more user friendly so that you have all the tools in your arsenal to interact and communicate with Kobe and your growing network.

The new KB24 will serve up the closest and most dazzling look in to the world of your favorite player on- and off- the court.  In being part of this online family, we will work to get you the most current and accurate info on Kobes every move.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this exciting transition.  Any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact Jasper at Jasper@kobebryant.com.

Thank you for being part of the family!

  • lukasz

    I like it :-)

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/lakeshow24/ Lakeshow24

    Not bad, nice look but definitely needs to update the news section like the old site.

  • baller24

    It’s a little less complicated than the previous one.

  • buzz

    could we sort the news by the order of date, so mess over there….

  • louiskb24

    kobebryant.com is awesome

  • fnmamba24

    where is my previous stuff like the forums and my profile page? I had to redo everything!….

  • steffielmonte

    It is very nice.. 😀 I like it..

  • thekobecollection

    Hugely disappointed in 3.0! You guys are running a WordPress blog for Kobe Bryant’s web site?! Really??? And why even launch the site if the majority of the sections/pages are “coming soon?” 3.0 is no better than 2.0, and certainly no where near the original kobebryant.com.

  • clutch


  • http://kobebryant.com/members/markc/ Mark C.

    ok maybe i was a bit too quick on pulling the trigger, maybe its not soo bad after all. im not sure if you guys noticed but this site is selling the 4 rings kbiv for retail plus 10 shipping, that is not bad at all. This site pretty much solved my only complaint about the other sites, the exclusive shoes!!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/24kobebryant24/ Alec24Kobe

    The new website is awesome its free all the Kobe fans can join and don’t have to pay. It’s great :)

  • kokobware

    dude…the last kobe, page was a $$ site…it was $24 bucks…not much but none the less you had to pay….give props to kobe’s team for puting it down and making it possible for us all to enjoy….just signed up…..”what up kobe”? hope all is to the good

  • nba2k10kb24

    The best so far. Kobe keep it coming.Congrats on 24,000 points!

  • kobedbest


  • http://kobebryant.com/members/jasper/ Jasper

    Just got it fixed. So Sorry!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/jasper/ Jasper

    I just got it fixed. So sorry!

  • kobeologist

    I love the free membership! wooh!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/thagamezman/ thagamezman

    Im diggin this new look , just bring back the profile page!!! So we can have pics and music instead of just an avatar.

  • kokobware

    come on baby.. we ready to roll

  • jameslakers

    it looks fresh i like it
    remember to vote for the all star game

  • operea724

    yes! its free once again!

  • sebzo24

    I love the new page! KB24 is simply the best!

  • http://kobebryant.com/members/peter0q/ pete R0Q

    please bring back the forums!

  • kidkobe24

    Frustrated with the site already. Where’s my points and profile. Gotta do it over again??? Damn it!!!

  • rasahe

    cool page this is my first comment and i am not from U.S.A so i dont speak english very well but i learn the basic english so the only thing i can say is:Kobe youre the best nice page

  • lilazn04

    i really like the new website. when i click on the site yesterday i saw the banner, my god kobe looks MAD HOT !!!! LOLS

  • metaphor

    oh my. glad to be back!!

  • droy7

    its better